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      Supermarket Accident Compensation Claims

      Slips, trips and fall accidents happen almost routinely in supermarkets. Shoppers and staff can slip over liquid spills or freshly washed flooring, or they may trip and fall over obstacles lying in their path in the aisles. While these supermarket accidents are quite common, they are not the only cause of supermarket accident compensation claims. You could get injured in a supermarket because of the most unexpected causes.

      Regardless of the cause, if you are injured while you are within a supermarket premises, you may be eligible to claim for supermarket accident compensation if the accident was no fault of yours.

      Supermarket Accident Claim

      Common Supermarket Accidents

      Wet floors from mopping, leaking chillers or freezers or wet floors from rain and snow brought in by shoppers can cause slips and falls resulting in numerous injuries such as bruises, cuts, broken bones, torn ligaments and head injuries.

      Supermarket shelves are packed with a huge variety of food and liquid products, from jams and juices to shampoos, and detergents. Spillages or leaks of any of these products can also cause slip and fall injuries.

      Items that are not stacked properly on the higher shelves can become unsteady and fall injuring shoppers and staff standing directly below.

      Shopping trolleys, roll cages and items lying haphazardly in the aisles can injure anyone who does not see the obstacle beforehand and bumps into it.

      In addition, supermarket employees also run a high risk of injuries while lifting heavy objects incorrectly or without the proper protective gear. This could happen while loading or unloading heavy items from the storeroom or delivery vans and lorries.

      Heavy objects falling from height in storerooms and shelving can also cause injuries to staff working on unpacking or restocking the storeroom and the store shelves.

      Your Rights To Supermarket Accident Compensation

      Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, supermarket owners and managers are legally bound to make sure that their premises are safe for all who use them. This includes visitors who shop at the supermarket, workers who are employed to do any work associated with the supermarket, whether it is at the checkout, storeroom, customer service, cleanup tasks or tending to parking areas.

      According to the Act, anyone who owns or occupies commercial premises, which includes supermarkets, has a legal duty of care to put measures in place so that those premises are safe for all visitors and workers. If the supermarket have failed in their duty of care and you are injured because of it you may be entitled to claim supermarket accident compensation.

      Worker safety is also covered under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, which requires employers to ensure the safety of all their workers. This goes beyond providing workers with personal protective equipment. Employers must also provide their employees with extensive training on good work practices and injury prevention.

      Whether you are a visitor or a employee, if you are injured in a supermarket accident that was caused because of somebody else’s action or inaction, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

      Starting A Supermarket Accident Compensation Claim

      In case of a supermarket accident, what you do next is important and can affect the outcome of your supermarket accident compensation claim. If you follow the right steps, you will have an easier time winning your claim and supermarket accident compensation.

      The proper thing to do starts right at the scene of the accident in the supermarket. Never leave the supermarket thinking it was just an accident and that your injuries are superficial. Sometimes, the full extent of the injuries are not noticeable right away, especially if you have suffered any internal injuries.

      If you leave the supermarket without doing anything or reporting the accident, you may lose your right to claim or even if you don’t, it can become exceedingly difficult to file a successful supermarket accident claim.

      Here’s what you can do to help support your claim:

      • Get photographs of the scene of the supermarket accident as well as the surroundings. Try and get shots that clearly show the cause of the accident.
      • Get photographs of your injuries.
      • Make a written report of the accident in the supermarkets accident book.
      • Ask for the CCTV camera footage. All major supermarkets today have CCTV cameras. One of the cameras could have captured footage of the accident.
      • Get the contact details of other shoppers who witnessed the accident and ask if they will give you a witness statement.
      • Get medical help for your injuries as soon as possible and retain all documentation related to your emergency treatment. This documentation will serve as proof that you were injured in a supermarket.
      • Get in touch with a personal injury solicitor to help you file your supermarket compensation claim at the earliest.

      No Win No Fee Supermarket Compensation Claims

      You’ll be relieved to know that you can contact our personal injury solicitors to help you with your supermarket compensation claim without paying any money upfront. Our personal injury solicitors go out of their way to make it easy for clients to get the compensation due to them without asking for any fees upfront. You do not even have to pay for the first or any subsequent consultations.

      Instead they work using a No Win, No Fee agreement, which means they will represent you without charging you anything at the outset. You only pay a fee if and when the solicitor wins the case on your behalf and the court awards you settlement. The fee that you pay is a percentage of the sum awarded to you by the court and is always agreed prior to action being taken.

      Advantages Of Personal Injury Solicitors

      Personal injury solicitors have access to medical professionals who can give their expert testimonial supporting your claim. This plays a key role in shaping the outcome of your claim and they also have access to legal libraries that they can use where necessary to research similar precedents. They will use this information to claim for the maximum amount that is due to you. Last but not least, your personal injury solicitor will make sure that your supermarket accident compensation claim is filed within the 3 year statute of limitation while you take the time to recover from your injuries.

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