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Rib Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Am I Eligible To Claim?

Broken or bruised ribs can result from just about any type of accident including car crashes, falls and workplace accidents. Importantly, if you have injured your ribs in an accident that somebody Rib Injury Claimelse caused, you may be eligible to make a rib injury claim for compensation for your suffering.

We are able to help if you have decided to claim compensation for a rib injury. Firstly, we’ll assess your chances of being compensated during a no-obligation telephone consultation. As well as offering free legal advice about your claim, the advisor could partner you with one of our personal injury solicitors if your case is suitable who’ll provide legal representation on a No Win No Fee basis.

To start a rib injury claim today, please feel free to call us on 0800 6524 881. Alternatively, you can continue reading this guide to learn more before contacting us.

Am I Eligible To Make A Rib Injury Compensation Claim?

Our team of personal injury solicitors will only accept a rib injury compensation claim if they believe you have a decent chance of being compensated. This saves them wasting your time and offering false hope that you’ll win your case. Therefore, before taking on a compensation claim, they’ll look at whether:

  • The person you’re claiming against (the defendant) owed you a legal duty of care; and
  • The defendant’s negligence caused an accident to occur; and
  • As a result, your ribs were injured.

Proving that a legal duty of care existed is not something you will need to do yourself. Your solicitor will check this before your case begins. Essentially, though, there are various ways to establish a duty of care depending on the type of accident you’ve injured your ribs in. For example, your employer’s duty of care means they must try and protect your well-being in the workplace. Similarly, a shop has a duty of care to ensure its premises are as safe as possible for customers.

You will however have to prove how the accident happened and the extent of your rib injuries. Therefore, we’ll explain the evidence you could supply further down.

Common Causes Of Rib Injury Claims

Essentially, you could injure a rib in many different types of accidents. We won’t list them all but some common examples that could lead to rib injury compensation include:

  • Road traffic accidents. Any form of RTA could lead to rib injuries, especially bicycle and motorbike accidents.
  • Workplace accidents. An example here is where your chest is crushed by items falling from damaged shelving in a warehouse accident.
  • Slips, trips and falls. These can happen just about anywhere and can be caused by spillages, cleaning, uneven surfaces and defective pavement amongst other things.
  • Assault. Physical violence, such as punches or kicks to the chest, can cause rib injuries.
  • Sporting accidents. You may be eligible to claim for rib injuries resulting from unsafe playing surfaces or unsafe sports facilities.
  • Falling from height. Rib injury claims could also be based on injuries caused if you fell from height from scaffolding at work, for example, because it hadn’t been constructed properly.

If you suspect you have a valid rib injury claim, please call our claims team today.

Common Types Of Injuries To Ribs

Any form of rib injury is likely to be painful and, usually, there’s usually little that can be done to speed up your recovery. Unlike other bones, the ribs can’t be manipulated or splinted easily so you’ll often just have to cope with the pain until your ribs heal.

The most common injuries that lead to rib injury compensation claims include:

  • Broken ribs.
  • Bruised ribs.
  • Dislocated ribs.

Symptoms Of Broken Or Bruised Ribs

Most rib injuries are not visible. However, the main symptoms a doctor will check for to diagnose rib injuries are:

  • Tenderness and swelling around the ribs you’ve injured.
  • Significant pain in the chest, especially when inhaling.
  • Bruising on the skin.

They may also ask you whether you heard or felt a rib crack at the time of your accident. X-rays aren’t often used to diagnose fractured or broken ribs because the break can be quite hard to see.

One of the most serious but less common injuries caused by a broken rib injury is pneumothorax. This is where the rib punctures the lung and allows air into the space between the lung and the chest wall. This can lead to breathing difficulties and you will need a chest x-ray to assess the damage.

We can help if you believe you’ve got a rib injury compensation claim. To find out more, please call today.

How Much Compensation For Broken Rib Could I Claim?

How much compensation you might receive for broken ribs or any other type of rib injury is comprised of two components. These are:

  1. General damages. General damages relate to your pain and suffering, and loss of amenity.
  2. Special damages. Special damages relate to your expenses because of the injury, typically including medical expenses, travel costs, loss of income from not being able to work, and the cost of structural changes and adaptions to vehicles necessary to accommodate your injury.

General damages (pain and suffering) are fairly straightforward for a solicitor to work out as there are already guidelines they refer to. However, if a fractured rib, for example, has led to other injuries such as a punctured lung then this would also need to be accounted for.

Average Compensation Amounts For Broken Ribs

  • Up to £3,950 compensation for broken/fractured ribs of the chest.
  • £2,190 – £5,320 compensation where broken/fractured ribs have caused the lungs to collapse.
  • £31,310 – £54,830 compensation for damage to the chest and lung/lungs resulting in some continuing disability.

The payout amounts displayed are for general damages and are but a small selection so that you’re able to get an idea of payouts for different types of rib injuries. Special damages however would need to be calculated by a solicitor so any receipts for expenses directly related to the rib injury should be retained.

During your claim, you may need a medical assessment to help determine the extent of your injuries. This is quite straightforward and can usually be booked at a local venue so you won’t need to travel too far.

Evidence To Support A Rib Injury Claim

Most personal injury claims are not dealt with by the defendant themselves. Instead, they usually pass them on to their insurance provider. Before they pay compensation for a bruised or broken rib injury, they’ll want evidence to show why their client was to blame and how severe your injuries were. Therefore, you could try to obtain:

  • Accident scene photographs. If you’re able to, you should safely attempt to take as many pictures at the scene of the accident. This should be done before anything is removed ideally.
  • Medical records. Although there is little that can be done about fractured ribs and other rib injuries, you should still visit your GP or a hospital. That will ensure you’re given the best advice on managing any pain. Later on, your medical records could be requested and used as evidence.
  • Accident reports. Legally, most organisations must keep an accident report book. Therefore, if you’ve suffered a rib injury at work, for example, you should report the incident in which you were injured and keep a copy of the report. This could prove when and where the accident occurred.
  • Camera footage. If recordings of your accident exist (CCTV, dashcam etc), you should request a copy. You should act quickly though as some systems automatically delete footage after a few weeks.
  • Witness information. You should ask anybody who saw your accident for their contact information. If needed, they might be contacted for a statement by your solicitor at a later date.
  • Financial records. Finally, it’s a good idea to keep any receipts or invoices linked to any costs you’ve incurred because of your injuries as these might be claimable if your case is won.

If you’d like to discuss what evidence you have, or how our solicitors could help in obtaining it for your rib injury claim, please call us on 0800 6524 881.

Time Limits For Claiming Rib Injury Compensation

You may already know that personal injury claims have a 3-year time limit in the UK. Generally, for rib injury claims, this will start on the date you sustained your injuries. One exception to this rule is where a child is claiming compensation for a rib injury. In this scenario, a parent could claim at any time (as their litigation friend) before the child turns 18 so the 3-year limitation period won’t apply until they turn 18 if no claim has been made.

The claims process requires quite a few tasks to be completed before the case is sent to the defendant. Therefore, we’d suggest starting as early as possible to allow your solicitor enough time. Also, the sooner you begin your claim, the sooner you’ll be paid compensation if the case is successful.

How Long Does A Rib Injury Claim Take?

The length of time it takes to receive compensation for a rib injury claim can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the case, the severity of the injury, and whether or not liability is disputed. In our experience, straightforward cases can usually be settled in a matter of months, whereas more complex cases where further investigation or evidence may be required, will generally take longer.

If you call our personal injury solicitors they may be able to give you an estimate of how long your rib injury claim is likely to take based on the specific details of your injury.

Starting The Rib Injury Claims Process

If you decide to work with us and your case is accepted, we’ll appoint a No Win No Fee solicitor to represent you. That means you won’t need to pay them unless you are compensated for your rib injuries.

During the claim, your solicitor will gather evidence and deal with the defendant on your behalf. They’ll negotiate where necessary and fight your corner if there’s any argument regarding liability for the accident.

If your claim is won, you’ll simply pay an agreed percentage of your compensation as a success fee to cover your solicitor’s work and expenses.

The easiest way to start the rib injury claims process is to call us on 0800 6524 881 and speak to an advisor. They’ll assess your claim and provide free legal advice no matter what you decide to do next.

Our team are available on the phone or via live chat if you have any further questions on making a rib injury compensation claim.

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