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      Road Rage Compensation Claims

      If you’ve been injured in a road rage incident through no fault of your own you may be eligible to make a road rage compensation claim.Road Rage

      Road rage is a common problem across the UK, unfortunately with some drivers flying into a rage at even the most trivial incident while driving. It could be a driver beeping their horn behind them, a red traffic light that seems to take too long to change, or being stuck in traffic. Anything, and sometimes nothing, can trigger off road rage but there’s no excuse to assault another individual. If this has happened to you then you may be able to claim compensation.

      Common Examples Of Road Rage Incidents & Injuries

      Road rage incidents can range from relatively minor to in extreme cases, fatalities. It all depends on how well the person behind the wheel can manage to control their temper. While some drivers just vent their frustration by cursing, screaming, and yelling at nobody in particular, others lash out using more violent actions. Some may intentionally antagonise other drivers by beeping their horn persistently, flashing their lights or revving their engine menacingly. Others may gesture obscenely at other drivers, or bang on the side of the car next to them. Still others may vent their frustration and anger by employing dangerous vehicle manoeuvres such as speeding up and cutting them off for no reason at all, crowding a lane, brake checking another vehicle, or intentionally colliding with the vehicle in front of them.

      The type and extent of injuries road rage victims sustain depend on the angry driver’s actions and the type of incident they get involved in. Being at the receiving end of an abusive tirade can be frightening, especially as there’s no way to know if the episode will escalate and turn physical. The psychological scars following a road rage incident can be just as debilitating as the physical injuries. Physical injuries may include anything from jaw injuries, bruising and lacerations to whiplash, fractured bones, head injuries, or spinal damage. Whatever the type of injury a road rage victim has suffered, they may still be eligible to file a road rage compensation claim so should always consider contacting a personal injury solicitor for legal advice.

      Important Things To Do If You Are Injured In A Road Rage Incident

      You have a legal right to be compensated for any injuries caused by somebody else’s in a road rage incident. This holds good for both physical and psychological injuries.

      If you are a victim of road rage, you can protect your legal rights and increase your chances of winning compensation by taking a few simple steps:

      Call the police – When you call the police tell the call handler quickly but clearly that you are being harassed by an angry, irrational driver, and tell them your exact location.

      Stay in your vehicle and do not interact with the other driver – No matter what the driver says, don’t take the bait. You cannot win an argument with an irate, unreasonable person. Instead, it will only make a bad situation worse. It’s best to avoid any confrontation and stay in your vehicle until the police arrive.

      Stay where you are even if the driver drives away – If you have already called the police, you should be there when they arrive. Stay put and file a report with the police. Meanwhile check yourself and the other occupants of the vehicle for injuries.

      Call for an ambulance if anyone is seriously injured – Getting immediate medical attention for serious injuries is crucial. Serious injuries can cause lifelong problems if not treated on time.

      Seek medical attention for less serious injuries too – Calling an ambulance may be unwarranted for less serious injuries but these should not go unchecked. Make sure to follow up at an emergency care clinic or your primary care doctor at the earliest to ensure you don’t have any hidden injuries.

      Record the incident while it’s happening if possible – Having a recording of the road rage incident can provide irrefutable proof, which will make it easier to win your road rage compensation claim. However, you should only attempt to do this if it is safe. You do not want to enrage the other driver even more. If you cannot record the incident, get photographs of the scene of the incident when it is safe to do so. Get photographs of everything related to the incident, from the road conditions to any vehicle damage and any visible injuries.

      Check if there are are CCTV cameras in the area – These days many establishments, from ATMs and banks to restaurants and shops, have security cameras installed. Check if any of these cameras captured the road rage.

      Get the contact details of witnesses at the scene – Getting witness statements can lend weight to your road rage injury claim. If any other drivers or pedestrians witnessed the incident, ask for their contact details so you can get in touch with them later if necessary.

      Speak to a personal injury solicitor – Call 0800 6524 881 and a personal injury solicitor will advise you as to what you should do next.

      Making A Road Rage Compensation Claim

      If you’ve been the victim of road rage and believe you could claim compensation you can make use of the free consultation that most personal injury solicitors provide to get legal advice as to what action can be taken. During the consultation, the solicitor will determine the merits of your road rage compensation claim after discussing with you the details of what occurred and looking at whatever evidence you may have managed to gather thus far, if any.

      If you have a strong case in your favour, our solicitors represent claimants typically on a No Win No Fee basis. If you would like to proceed with making a claim using the No Win No Fee agreement, all other costs will be covered until such time that the claim has been settled. If your road rage claim is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay anything at all. You only pay the fee that has been agreed (a percentage) if your claim is successful and have been awarded compensation. The fee is simply deducted directly from the compensation. The exact terms will be clearly laid out in the No Win No Fee agreement.

      If you believe you have a road rage compensation claim and would like advice from a personal injury solicitor, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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