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    Kidney Injury Claims

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      Kidney Injury Claims

      There are two main types of kidney injuries – Acute and Chronic. Both are caused by completely different circumstances. The kidneys play a vital role in the proper functioning of the body. Regardless of the exact cause, any damage to the kidney can result in several different medical complications. In a worst-case scenario, kidney damage can be fatal.

      Kidney Injury ClaimIf you have suffered a kidney injury caused due to somebody else’s mistake or negligence, you may be to make a kidney injury claim for compensation.

      Causes Of Acute Kidney Injuries

      Acute kidney injuries are generally caused by short term or sudden factors.

      Road accidents are one of the most common causes of acute kidney injuries. This can happen if there is a blow to the abdominal area during impact.

      Being punched or stabbed in the abdominal area during an assault can also cause an acute kidney injury.

      Medical negligence can be another cause. This could happen because of delayed diagnosis, for example, if a medical professional failed to carry out a proper investigation or because of misdiagnosis, in which the medical professional failed to interpret the information correctly. In both cases, the delay in receiving the correct treatment often causes the condition to get worse. If too much time elapses before the correct treatment is given, the kidney damage may be untreatable.

      Though not as common, contact sports such as football, rugby, hockey, and boxing can also cause blunt trauma acute injury to the kidney.

      Causes Of Chronic Kidney Injuries

      Chronic kidney injuries are caused because of long-term factors such as extended exposure to toxic substances such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, and uranium. Those who work in industries that use products containing any of the above substances can be at high risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

      Making A Kidney Injury Claim

      To make a successful kidney injury claim you will need to be able to prove that the accident or incident that caused your kidney injury was somebody else’s fault. Fortunately, many personal injury solicitors provide free telephone consultations that enable potential claimants to get an experts’ opinion on the strength of a claim. After discussing what’s happened, if the solicitor advises you to proceed with starting a kidney injury claim, it is likely they will offer you their No Win No Fee agreement.

      A typical No Win No Fee agreement protects you from any financial risk as you do not have to pay any out of pocket expenses. The solicitor/law firm will cover all fees and expenses associated with your claim. You only pay after the compensation has been paid. The fee amount is calculated as a set percentage of the compensation awarded and is generally paid directly from it.

      If you agree to have a solicitor represent you, they will dedicate time and resources to research precedents to ensure that you get the maximum compensation under the law. They will also make sure that your kidney claim is filed well within the 3-year deadline.

      Your personal injury solicitor might also put you in touch with expert therapists and rehabilitation therapies that may not be available through the NHS if needed. If you are unable to work because of your kidney injury, they might also be able to get you financial support with interim payments.

      How Much Compensation Can You Expect For A Kidney Injury Claim?

      The total compensation you might be awarded for a kidney injury claim will depend largely on these factors:

      • The severity of your injuries and future prognosis
      • How much pain and suffering the injury has caused
      • Travelling expenses associated with your medical treatment
      • Lost wages and perks from being unable to work
      • Cost of home care – this is even if it is being provided by a family member
      • Cost of mobility aids or other medical equipment for home use
      • The total cost of your treatment – this includes the projected cost of long term medical treatments such as dialysis, physiotherapy or counselling

      The compensation awarded for all kidney injury claims is not the same. Settlements can vary widely from one claim to another depending on individual circumstances.

      If you would like to speak with a personal injury solicitor about a kidney injury claim, please contact us for a free consultation today.

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