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      Ladder Fall Injury Claims

      While there are regulations covering safety in the workplace we still see number of ladder fall injury claims. The majority of these ladder fall accidents are avoidable and therefore where negligence is proven there may be significant compensation claimed. If you were involved in a ladder fall accident, resulting in injuries, you may well be entitled to make a ladder fall injury claim for compensation.

      Common Injuries From Ladder Fall Accidents

      In many cases the severity of any injury incurred as a result of a ladder fall accident will depend upon the height from which the individual fell. Some of the more common injuries seen in ladder fall injury claims include:

      • Concussion;
      • Cuts and lacerations;
      • Ligament damage;
      • Fractured/ broken bones;
      • Brain damage;
      • Paralysis.

      Ladder Fall Accidents At Work

      While there are occasions where an employee has fell off a ladder at work where the employer has done everything expected to avoid injury, we have seen a number of common scenarios in accident claims involving ladders. These tend to include injuries from:
      Ladder Fall Accident

      • Stretching too far when the ladder is not suitable for the job;
      • Failure to secure the ladder on the ground resulting in slippage;
      • Aged and badly maintained ladders leading to fall accidents;
      • Foreign substances on the ladder which can impact grip.

      There are a number of health and safety guidelines for ladders one of which suggests that a ladder must maintain a minimum of three points of contact at all times. This ensures the ladder is as secure as possible and helps to mitigate potential accidents and injuries. If an employer has done everything possible to protect their employees from a ladder fall accident at work it is unlikely they could be sued for compensation, however you should get legal advice to be sure.

      While there is a legal obligation placed upon employers to ensure the well-being of their employees, there is also a duty of care on employees to ensure they follow working/ health and safety procedures produced by their employer. There will be instances where a ladder fall accident occurred resulting in injuries where the employee may be involved in a “shared negligence” claim with their employer. It is worth noting that just because an employee may be partially responsible does not negate the employer’s legal duty of care.

      How Much Compensation For A Ladder Fall Accident?

      Where falls from a great height are involved most ladder fall injury claims tend to revolve around head injuries primarily. The potential compensation for those who have suffered head injuries as a consequence of negligence by one or more third parties varies widely depending upon the type and severity of the injuries as can be seen by the advised guidelines below. You can also use our ladder fall compensation calculator further down the page that displays advised compensation guidelines for various injuries. You can also contact us for expert advice from a solicitor about your ladder accident.

      Compensation Amounts For Head And Brain Injuries

      • Relatively minor brain/ head injuries where recovery is expected within a few weeks but the victim experiences pain and suffering, tend to attract compensation from £2,070 up to £11,980.
      • Severe brain damage towards the lower end of the scale can lead to compensation from £14,380 up to £40,410. This type of injury could include a permanent disability, personality changes, an impact on independence and an inability to carry out everyday actions
      • Moderate brain damage is split into a number of different sections with compensation from £40,410 up to £85,150 where concentration and memory are affected, a working career may be curtailed and there is a potential risk of epilepsy in the long term. Compensation awards towards the higher end of the range will also take into account greater dependency on others.
      • Compensation from £85,150 up to £140,870 may be claimed for those suffering moderate to modest intellectual deficits, reduced ability to work, significant risk of epilepsy and a growing dependency on others to help with everyday activities.
      • Injuries which impact sight, speech and other senses, and the victims employment career, prompt personality changes and result in moderate to severe intellectual deficits can attract compensation from £140,870 up to £205,580.
      • Moderately severe brain damage can result in physical disabilities, paralysis, significant impairment of intellect and personality, reduced life expectancy, reduced ability to communicate, behaviour problems and greater dependence on others. This type of injury can attract compensation from £205,580 up to £264,650.
      • Very severe brain damage where there is a marked impact on life expectancy, extremely limited physical mobility, sensory impairment, reduced ability to communicate, growing dependency on others for simple tasks such as feeding and loss of some bodily functions can see compensation from £264,650 up to £379,100.

      Ladder Fall Compensation Calculator

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      Filing A Ladder Fall Injury Claim

      Central to any ladder fall injury claim is the need to prove negligence on behalf of one or more third parties. In most cases this tends to be the employer because of a potential dereliction of duty. Even in cases where negligence appears to be somewhat obvious, you will still need to gather as much evidence as possible to pursue your ladder fall injury claim. Evidence might include photographs of the scene/ injuries, medical records confirming the extent of injuries and treatment required, witness statements, copies of working practices, details of any action by the Health and Safety Executive and a copy of the company’s accident book which may highlight specific issues.

      Legally there is a three year time limit during which the victim is able to file their compensation claim with the courts, either from the date of the incident or from when the injury was diagnosed and can be linked to your fall from a ladder.

      Contacting a personal injury solicitor will allow them to review your evidence and details of the accident and they will be able to advise on the relative strength of your case. Where they deem you have a strong claim for compensation it is likely they would offer a No Win No Fee arrangement. This effectively means that the solicitor will cover their legal expenses when pursuing your ladder fall injury claim in exchange for a success fee. If you would like to discuss a ladder fall injury with a solicitor please contact us today.

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