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I Slipped And Fell In A Restaurant, Can I Claim Compensation?

If you go out for a meal, you might expect to eat good food and have a good time with your friends and family. For many, that’s exactly what happens and they go home happy. However, accidents Slipped and fell in restaurantin restaurants can and do happen which can really ruin the night and result in serious and long-term injuries. In this guide to claiming compensation for a slip and fall in a restaurant, we’ll look at some different scenarios that could lead to slips and falls in restaurants, how to claim compensation, and what level of compensation you could potentially claim.

Whether you slipped on a wet floor, fallen down some stairs, or slipped on dropped food, you may have the grounds to take action. We can support you if you’ve slipped and fell in a restaurant and are contemplating claiming. We are happy to review your claim and explain your options for free. Where you seem to have the grounds to claim, we could refer your case to one of our personal injury solicitors where they’ll reduce the stress associated with compensation claims by offering a No Win No Fee service.

If you’d like to learn more about restaurant slip and fall claims, please continue reading. However, if you’d like to start the ball rolling today, call our claims team on 0800 6524 881.

Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation If I Slipped & Fell In A Restaurant?

We can’t say for sure whether you’ll be able to claim for a restaurant slip and fall injury until your case has been reviewed properly. However, you can use the following checklist to give you some idea:

  1. Were you owed a duty of care by the restaurant?
  2. Were they negligent in some way and did you slip and fall as a result?
  3. If so, were you injured because of their negligence?

Were you answer yes to these three questions, it’s highly likely you’re eligible to claim for your injuries and we could help you to do so. For the first point, duty of care, you needn’t be too concerned. That’s because restaurants owe all customers, staff, and visitors a duty to keep them as safe as possible whilst using their facilities.

To prove the following points in our checklist, several forms of evidence could be used. We’ll review these in the section that follows.

Evidence Proving How You Slipped & Fell In The Restaurant

Establishing how you slipped and fell in the restaurant that caused the injuries you sustained is paramount in personal injury claims. Therefore, you should try to obtain evidence to support your case as soon as possible. This could include:

  • Photos. Where possible, you should take pictures of the accident scene on your phone before the cause is removed or cleaned up. Try to take multiple photos from different angles to make it easier to demonstrate how the accident occurred.
  • Witness details. You needn’t ask for a statement but you should collect contact details from anybody else in the restaurant who saw your accident happen. If liability for your accident is denied by the restaurant, your solicitor could ask the witnesses for their version of events.
  • Medical notes. Any injuries should be properly assessed and treated in A&E or a minor injuries unit. If you decide to take action, the notes from your treatment could be used as evidence of your injuries.
  • Accident reports. The restaurant, by law, should record any slip and fall incidents in an accident report system. You should be offered a copy of the report. This is something you could use to help prove the location, time and date of the incident.
  • Camera footage. Some restaurants use security cameras to protect their premises and staff. If your accident was captured you should request a copy of the recordings as soon as possible.

Our claims team are happy to help by reviewing your evidence with you for free. They’ll provide free advice on whether you already have the grounds to take action or whether further evidence is needed.

Common Causes Of Slips & Falls In Restaurants

As mentioned earlier, your slip and fall need to have been caused by some form of negligence by the restaurant operator or their staff. Therefore, we’ve provided a few examples here. You may be able to claim compensation if:

  • You slipped on a wet floor caused by cleaning, a spillage, or a leak.
  • A fall was caused after you slipped on unsecured floor mats or rugs.
  • You slipped on food or drink that was not cleared up promptly.
  • Inadequate lighting meant you couldn’t see a slip hazard.

It’s important to note that as well as customers, we could help restaurant staff who’ve slipped and fell whilst working. Whether you’ve slipped in the kitchen because of a wet floor or fallen down steps because you’ve been asked to carry too many items at once, we could help you take action.

In any of these scenarios, if you’ve slipped in a restaurant and ended up injured as a result, please call our team to discuss your options.

Common Injuries From Slips & Falls In Restaurants

Slips and falls in restaurants can result in some serious injuries. While we can’t list every injury here, we have listed a few common injuries here:

If you slipped and fell in a restaurant and have sustained these or any other form of injury, please let us know. We could provide a No Win No Fee solicitor to help you take action.

How Much Compensation For A Fall At A Restaurant Could I Claim?

If you have been injured in a fall at a restaurant, the amount of compensation you could receive will typically be based on two different heads of loss:

  • General damages might be sought to cover any pain, suffering, or loss of amenity caused by your injuries. To prove the extent of your injuries, your claim may require an independent medical assessment. Our solicitors can usually arrange this close to where you live.
  • Special damages could be claimed if your injuries mean you have incurred costs, expenses or monetary losses. Here you could include lost income, rehabilitation costs and travel expenses amongst other things.

If you’d like more information on these damages, please refer to the page here.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limits

All personal injury claims have time limits. In most situations, you’ll have 3-years to claim from the date you were injured.

As it can take some time to secure evidence and arrange for medical assessments, we’d suggest starting your claim as soon as you can. This could also help if the restaurant admits liability right away. That’s because your solicitor could ask for the cost of private medical treatment to be paid so that you can begin your recovery sooner.

To check how long you have left to claim, please contact us today.

Benefits Of Having A Solicitor To Claim Against A Restaurant For A Slip & Fall

Even if you believe your slip and fall claim against the restaurant is quite straightforward, before you are compensated, you’ll need to prove why they are liable for your injuries. That’s because their insurer will not pay out if there isn’t enough evidence to show what happened and what injuries you’ve sustained.

We believe you’ll benefit if you have one of our personal injury solicitors on your side. Their experience should make the claims process easier for you and could improve your chances of being compensated correctly.

If your claim is taken on, your solicitor will do all they can to make the claims process easy for you. They’ll take responsibility for all communication with the defendant and their insurers. You’ll be able to ask any questions you think of and you’ll be updated regularly about how your case is progressing. Essentially, your solicitor will work hard to try and ensure you are compensated fully for your injuries.

If you’d like to discuss your options with us today, call now on 0800 6524 811. If accepted, your solicitor could begin working on your claim right away. Remember, if you slipped and fell in a restaurant, any compensation claim taken on will be processed by our solicitors on a No Win No Fee basis.

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