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      Inadequate Lighting Injury Claims

      Accidents that are caused by inadequate lighting are more common than many of us realise. Poor lighting can cause you to trip over trailing wire or broken pavement, slip on a wet floor, or fall over a missed step. Any of these accidents can result in serious injuries. All employers, property owners, and businesses are legally required to ensure that their premises are well lit to minimise the risk of injury to their workers and visitors.

      Inadequate Lighting AccidentIf you were injured in an accident due to inadequate lighting you may be eligible to claim and receive compensation for your injuries.

      Inadequate Lighting Hazards & Consequences

      There’s no denying that it can be very frustrating to work in a place that’s not well lit. For one thing, poor lighting at work makes it difficult to see what you’re working on and can cause eye strain in the long run. Secondly, while moving around in a poorly lit area, you are less likely to spot potential hazards in front of or around you. It increases the risk of tripping over obstacles on the floor or getting injured by a jagged edge of a broken table. It also increases the risk of slips and falls on a wet floor, or missing your footing as you descend the staircase.

      All of these accidents due to inadequate lighting can result in a wide range of injuries from minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises to broken bones, spinal injuries and brain injuries.

      Important Things To Do After An Accident Caused By Poor Lighting

      Seek medical attention – Getting your injuries assessed by a medical professional after an accident is crucial. This is regardless of whose fault the accident was and whether or not you intend to pursue an inadequate lighting injury claim. An injury that appears minor at the time of the accident may turn more serious if left unattended. Also, some injuries may be internal and result in serious internal damage unknowingly. If you do decide to pursue a compensation claim, your medical record will serve as evidence supporting your claim.

      Report the accident – Reporting the accident creates a written record that makes it difficult for the entity responsible to deny at a later stage. Winning an inadequate lighting injury claim without a record of the incident having happened can make it more difficult to win compensation.

      Who you report the accident to will depend on where it occurred. Workplace accident reports are usually created in an accident book.

      Road accidents should be reported to the nearest police station.

      Accidents on business premises such as restaurants, shopping centres, hotels, should be reported to the owner or manager of the premises.

      Get photographs and/or videos of the scene of the accident and your injuries – Photographs and videos can provide irrefutable proof that an accident occurred. They can also show the extent of physical injuries so the defendant will find it difficult to deny it later. In some cases, they will even show the cause of the accident. Get photographs from several angles if possible.

      Identify witnesses and ask for contact details – Witnesses can help make or break an inadequate lighting injury claim. It may be difficult to show dim lighting in a photograph in poorly lit areas, however, a witness could help. If anybody witnessed the accident, ask if they would mind providing you with their name and contact details so they can back your claim that poor lighting caused your accident.

      Speak with a personal injury solicitor – Winning a personal injury claim by yourself may not be easy, especially a claim that points to poor lighting as the cause because the definition of ‘inadequate lighting’ itself could be contested. Our personal injury solicitors have experience in this field and will put together an airtight claim that increases your chances of winning compensation.

      Making An Inadequate Lighting Injury Claim

      Our personal injury solicitors understand all too well the financial duress that accident victims are sometimes under due to being injured. To help you get the compensation due to you without adding to any existing financial worries, most personal injury solicitors will offer to fund your inadequate lighting compensation claim using a No Win No Fee agreement.

      Our No Win No Fee agreement allows claimants to get expert legal advice and representation without paying any fees upfront and we bear all expenses related to your claim from the beginning to the end, until such time that the claim is settled. If your claim is successful and you are awarded compensation, you would pay a percentage of that compensation as a success fee which will be clearly set out in the No Win No Fee agreement. If your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t pay anything.

      Having a personal injury solicitor can significantly increase your chances of winning an inadequate lighting injury claim. Moreover, it also increases your chances of winning maximum compensation for your injuries.

      Understanding The Three-Year Time Limit For Filing A Personal Injury Claim

      An important thing to remember is that you must file your accident claim within three years from the date that the accident happened, or from when the injury was diagnosed. If your claim is not filed within the three-year deadline, you may forfeit your right to compensation.

      It can take time to put together a strong inadequate lighting injury claim, which is why contacting a personal injury solicitor at the earliest so important.

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