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Multiple Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Could I Claim?

Unfortunately, many accidents don’t just lead to one type of injury. Almost any type of accident can result in multiple injuries of varying severity. Some of these injuries are obvious immediately after Multiple Injury Claimthe accident, while the symptoms of a second or third injury may manifest much later. If this has happened to you, or a loved one, in a no-fault accident, you may be eligible to make a multiple injury claim for compensation.

We’re here to help. By calling our free advice centre, you’ll get legal advice about your claim after it has been reviewed in a no-obligation consultation. Where there are grounds to continue, we could pass your claim to one of our personal injury solicitors. They provide a No Win No Fee service for any claim they take on meaning you won’t need to pay for their work unless you are paid compensation.

To start a claim straight away, please feel free to call us on 0800 6524 881 today. Alternatively, please read on to learn more about claiming compensation for multiple injuries.

What Is A Multiple Injury Claim?

Essentially, there is no legal definition of what constitutes a personal injury claim for multiple injuries. However, some examples of multiple injury claims include:

  • If multiple body parts are injured in the same accident.
  • Where you sustain an injury that also results in permanent scarring.
  • If your initial injury or illness results in a long-term health problem.
  • Where you’ve suffered from PTSD as well as physical pain following an accident.

If you’d like to discuss what multiple injuries you’ve suffered, please get in touch with our claims advisors today.

Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation For Multiple Injuries?

Our team of personal injury solicitors are happy to help if there’s a realistic chance that you’ll be compensated for multiple injuries. Before accepting any type of claim, they’ll check whether:

  • The party you blame (the defendant) owed you a duty of care; and
  • You were involved in an accident caused by the defendant’s negligence; and
  • You sustained multiple injuries during that accident.

A duty of care is something your solicitor will check when assessing your claim. It can usually be determined quite easily. For example, you’re owed a duty of care by other road users, by your employer, and by businesses and local authorities when on their premises. Therefore, it’s more important that you concentrate on proving how the accident happened and who was to blame. We’ll explain what evidence you could use to help do so later on.

Common Causes Of Multiple Injury Claims

It’s possible to claim for multiple injuries following any type of accident that wasn’t your fault. Some common causes of multiple injuries include:

Examples Of A Multiple Injury Claim

Here are some examples of when you could be eligible to claim compensation for multiple injuries:

  • If you suffered fractured bones and head injuries after heavy items fell from poorly stacked shelving in a warehouse accident.
  • Where you injured an ankle at work and suffered a wrist injury when breaking your fall after tripping on a cable laid across your office.
  • If you fell down a flight of stairs in a hotel accident because of a ripped carpet and suffered a concussion and a neck injury.
  • Where you suffer from whiplash and a back injury after a serious car crash caused by somebody else.
  • If you suffered broken bones and a ruptured spleen after being knocked off of your motorbike or bicycle.

Don’t worry if you don’t see a scenario that matches yours, we could still help you to claim compensation for multiple injuries. Please call today and let us know the details so that we can assess your chances of being compensated.

How Are Multiple Injury Claims Calculated?

You might think that a personal injury solicitor would calculate general damages for a multiple injury claim by determining what injuries a claimant has suffered, placing a value on each injury and its severity then simply adding the amounts together. Unfortunately, however, it isn’t as simple as that. For example, a broken arm on its own might payout £7,000 and a broken leg on its own £18,000. However, the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity from both injuries at the same time may be greater, and therefore that should be taken into account.

On the other hand, the claimant might have experienced no greater pain from both injuries than from a single injury, and any loss of amenity might be the same. Therefore, simply adding two single claim figures together might result in wrongly calculating double the amount of compensation for pain and suffering and loss of amenity than should be.

For a more in-depth explanation, you can find out more about the judgment on multiple injury claims here.

If you work with one of our specialist injury solicitors, they’ll make sure you are compensated fully for all of your injuries.

How Much Compensation For Multiple Injuries Could I Claim?

Any compensation that’s awarded for a successful multiple injury claim will aim to help you recover from any suffering caused by your injuries (general damages) as well as any costs you’ve incurred (special damages) too. That means you might be eligible to claim damages to cover:

  • Any physical and psychological injuries caused by your accident.
  • The effect your injuries have on your hobbies, social life and family life.
  • Earnings you’ve lost because of your injuries.
  • Changes to your home if they’ll help you to deal with the long-term impact of your injuries.
  • Costs relating to the time somebody spent caring for you while you were injured (including family members, friends or professional carers).
  • Fuel costs, parking fees, public transport fares and other travel expenses.
  • Medical costs including treatment at a private hospital in some cases.
  • Future loss of income if your ability to earn is reduced by your multiple injuries.

When making a multiple injury claim, all aspects of your suffering must be considered. That’s because after your claim has been settled in full, you are unable to request additional compensation later on.

Multiple Injury Compensation Calculator

Claims involving multiple injuries will need to be assessed thoroughly before they are filed with the defendant. For that reason, we’ll only be able to supply a personalised estimate once we’ve spoken with you about your claim and it’s been accepted. However, we have added a compensation calculator below that includes potential compensation ranges for many different injuries to give you some idea of payout amounts.

Compensation Calculator
Part Of Body
How Severe?


*Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

Personal injury claims typically need to include a medical report from an independent medical assessment. Therefore, your solicitor will make an appointment on your behalf (usually locally) to see a medical specialist. They will examine you, discuss how you’ve been affected, and review your medical notes. Then they’ll prepare a report that lists each of your injuries and explains your prognosis.

Evidence To Support A Multiple Injury Claim

To help demonstrate why a defendant was responsible for your accident and your injuries, you should aim to provide your solicitor with as much evidence as possible. For multiple injury claims, this could include:

  • Photographs of the accident scene and of your visible injuries.
  • Witness information in case your solicitor needs to ask them for a statement of what they saw.
  • Dashcam or CCTV footage.
  • Medical records from the hospital or minor injuries unit where your injuries were treated.
  • Accident report forms to help prove where and why you suffered multiple injuries.
  • A statement from you including the dates your injuries prevented you from working or attending social events.

As part of our free claim review service, your advisor will assess any evidence you’ve collected already.

Multiple Injury Claim Time Limit

When claiming compensation for multiple injuries, you’ll need to begin the process within a 3-year limitation period. This time limit will usually start from the date of your accident.

Starting early can be beneficial as it should make it easier for you to collect evidence. Additionally, if you have not recovered from your injuries yet, your solicitor could ask the defendant to pay for private medical treatment before the claim is finalised if they’ve already accepted liability for the incident.

How Long Do Multiple Injury Claims Take?

Claims involving multiple injuries follow the same path as any other personal injury claim. Therefore, if the defendant accepts liability for your accident and the impact of your injuries are fully understood, your claim might be finalised within 12 months. Where you are still suffering or if extra negotiation is required relating to the cause of the accident or the severity of your injuries, the process can extend beyond a year.

Starting The Multiple Injury Claims Process

We believe that a personal injury solicitor can improve your chances of being compensated correctly when making a multiple injury claim. If your claim is accepted, your solicitor will work on a No Win No Fee basis and they’ll:

  • Review your claim in detail with you to fully understand how you’ve suffered.
  • Collect evidence and medical reports on your behalf.
  • Contact the defendant to file your claim.
  • Negotiate on your behalf and deal with any queries or objections raised.
  • Review any settlement offer with you to check that it’s fair.
  • Fight your corner if an offer is deemed to be too low.

So that you know how your claim will proceed, everything will be documented in a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This will explain the claims process and confirm that you won’t need to pay the solicitor’s fees if the claim fails. It will also provide details of the success fee you’ll pay if your multiple injury claim is won.

To see if one of our No Win No Fee solicitors could represent you call us today on 0800 6524 881. Whatever you decide to do next, one of our advisors will review your eligibility to start the multiple injury claims process and explain your options for free.

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