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      Theme Park Compensation Claim

      Theme parks or amusement parks offer lots of fun and excitement for the whole family. By and large most of us consider theme parks as fairly safe for family outings. While they are safe for the most part, theme park accidents do happen from time to time, resulting in injuries both to the members of the public as well as theme park employees.

      A typical theme park/ amusement park offer a wide range of rides, game stalls, 3D experiences, arcade machines, food stalls and a variety of play areas. Each of these attractions poses its own unique safety hazards. Accidents in a theme park can range from minor slip and trip accidents due to badly maintained surfaces to rare but fatal accidents due to the malfunctioning of any of the park attractions.

      Anyone who is injured in a theme park accident that is not their fault may have a legal right to make a theme park compensation claim for their injuries.

      Potential Theme Park Accident Risks

      Although theme park and amusement park accidents are relatively rare, when they do occur, the consequences can be quite serious, especially if they are associated with any of the electrical or mechanical rides. Moreover, because UK theme parks tend to be crowded, any ride-related accident typically results in several casualties. With that in mind, there are several laws that are applicable to theme parks in order to minimise the potential for accidents.

      Malfunctioning of any of the park’s rides poses the most serious risk to visitors as well as workers manning the ride. The extreme nature of these rides makes them innately dangerous. Although every theme park ride undergoes several security checks and every little mechanism is tested before the ride is declared safe for use, the risk is still present.

      Falls from height is another inherent hazard in a theme park. Workers are at risk while assembling the gigantic rides and visitors are at risk if any of the safety harnesses or mechanisms malfunction during the ride.

      Theme Park Ride

      With large crowds milling around the grounds, it is easy to overlook a patch of badly maintained pathway resulting in a slip and trip accident. Slip and trip accidents could result in cuts, lacerations, fractures or broken bones. They may also result in a head injury or a fractured wrist from putting your hand out to break your fall.

      Falling signboards, food poisoning due to poor food hygiene are other risks commonly associated with theme park compensation claims.

      What To Do If You Are Involved In A Theme Park Accident

      There are two things you must do immediately if you are injured in a theme park accident – seek medical attention and report the incident. Never leave the theme park grounds without performing these two actions.

      You must seek medical attention and report the incident even if the injuries seem minor at the time. If you exit the theme park and your injuries turn out to be more serious than you realised at the time, you may find it more difficult to win any theme park injury compensation.

      Getting a doctor’s report on the scene and filing a report with the theme park’s help centre provide solid evidence that you were injured at the theme park.

      One thing you might have is a good number of witnesses. With so many people visiting theme parks, there’s a good chance you will have several witnesses to the accident. Get their names and contact details where possible so that they can provide statements supporting your theme park compensation claim.

      Photographs of the accident scene and of your injuries will also provide irrefutable evidence to support your theme park compensation claim. All amusement parks and theme parks have CCTVs at several locations for their own safety and the safety of their visitors. If the CCTV captured the accident unfolding, ask the theme park management for a copy that you can keep and provide as proof to the court.

      Even after you leave the park, you must keep all records and receipts of all medical treatment you receive for the injuries sustained in the accident which helps your solicitor in calculating how much compensation for a theme park accident you could claim for.

      Filing A Theme Park Compensation Claim

      Winning any theme park compensation claim is never easy. Complicating things even more is the fact that the case must be filed within 3 years of the date of the accident. This is enough time to put together what you need to file a claim while also getting treatment for your injuries and fulfilling other work and home commitments. However, leaving things too long before seeking legal advice about filing a theme park compensation claim will mean there’s simply not enough time to put together everything that’s needed to file a strong claim. Unfortunately we get enquiries virtually everyday from people who appear to have a good case for claiming compensation but have simply left it too late for us to do anything for them. Please don’t let that be you.

      When you want to file any type of personal injury claim, it is always advisable to take advantage of the first-free consultation that most personal injury solicitors offer. During an initial consultation (usually by phone) they will go through all of the evidence that you’ve obtained with you and will assess the merits of your case. Accordingly they will advise you whether you should go ahead with your theme park injury claim or not.

      No Win No Fee Theme Park Accident Claims

      If you do indeed have a theme park accident claim and want to proceed with it most solicitors will offer to do so on a No Win No Fee basis. The No Win No Fee agreement is a special type of agreement that outlines the terms and conditions under which the solicitor will represent you. The agreement essentially says that the solicitor will take care of all legal aspects of your claim, from putting together the case to filing the claim in court and representing you during the court hearings (should it progress that far), without receiving any money from you before the claim has been settled successfully.

      You will only be liable to pay a fee if the court decides in your favour and you receive compensation for your injuries. In our case the fee would be a set percentage taken from the compensation which will be agreed with you before you need to commit to anything. Other law firms may operate differently.

      A major advantage of having a personal injury solicitor on your claim is that they will make sure that you get compensated for everything you should do, including all the medical expenses that you have already borne plus the potential expenses for long term treatment if necessary. They will also claim for your loss of income if your injuries prevented you from going to work for a while or if you lost out on any monetary or promotion perks while you were injured. In addition, they will claim for mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering that you experienced as a result of your theme park accident and injuries.

      All of our personal injury solicitors have their clients’ welfare at heart and will go out of their way to make sure that your theme park compensation claim is successful and those who are injured get the full compensation that is due to them.

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