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      Petrol Station Accident Claims

      With so many people using a petrol station at any given time, accidents are likely to happen. However, if you were injured in a petrol station accident that was not due to your fault, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

      Common Petrol Station Accidents

      Slips, trips and falls due to water or oil spills or uneven surfaces are a common type of accident that can occur in a petrol station. Oil and water spills are almost routine at petrol stations and while these may be impossible to prevent altogether, it is the management’s responsibility to be vigilant and take swift action to clean up any liquid spills immediately. This is more than just a ‘casual’ responsibility.

      According to the law, any establishment has a duty of care towards their patrons. This duty of care requires the management of any petrol station to put appropriate measures in place to ensure that their customers are not put at any unnecessary risk. Not cleaning up oil or water spills promptly enough or not putting up clearly visible signs warning people about the potential hazards may constitute negligence. If you are injured because of this negligence, the management can be held liable. The same holds true if your slip, trip or fall accident was caused due to uneven surfaces, a pothole, a petrol hose lying around carelessly or loose debris left strewn around at the petrol station.

      Things To Do Immediately After A Petrol Station Accident

      If you are injured in a petrol station accident, the first thing you must do is assess your injuries. If you need an ambulance call for one immediately so you can get the emergency medical treatment you need. Getting a medical check-up at the earliest is advisable even if your injuries don’t look too serious at first. This is because some symptoms such as whiplash can take a day or even more to manifest.

      Keep all medical reports and receipts for any expenditures due to your accident in the petrol station. You will need these to help support your petrol station accident claim and you can claim these back as part of the compensation.

      In addition to medical considerations, there are a few other things you should do to strengthen your compensation claim.

      • Get photographs – Photographs provide valuable evidence that should help support your claim and increase the odds of you winning your claim. If possible get photographs that clearly show visible injuries, scene of the accident and the immediate cause of the accident, whether it was a liquid spill, pothole, loose petrol hose or debris for example.
      • Collect witness details – Witness statements can add tremendous weight to your petrol station accident claim for compensation. Get the names and contact details of others who witnessed the accident.
      • File a report at the petrol station accident book – Ask the manager for the accident book and file a written report of what happened. Get the manager to sign the report and give you a copy for your records.
      • Ask to see CCTV footage – Most petrol stations have CCTV cameras installed to protect both themselves and their customers. Ask to see the CCTV footage immediately after the accident. This can be presented as evidence to support your claim. Some companies may not release the footage readily because of privacy issues. You may need to get a solicitor to obtain the recordings. This must be done at the earliest as most companies do not keep CCTV recordings for very long.
      • Contact a personal injury solicitor – Personal injury solicitors are experts in all matters related to these types of injury claims. In addition to using legal means to obtain the CCTV footage, they should also give you the best advice as to how to proceed and even help to fund your claim using a No Win No Fee contract, if you have a strong case.

      What Happens When You Contact A Personal Injury Solicitor?

      Most personal injury solicitors will offer a free first consultation so they can assess the merits of your petrol station compensation claim. During this consultation (typically by phone), they will want to hear details about how the petrol station accident occurred so they can determine whether it was due to negligence on the part of the management, staff or another customer/visitor. They will also want to see any photographic evidence and any other evidence that you’ve gathered.

      If the solicitor thinks you have a strong case, they may advise you to proceed with filing a petrol station accident claim and offer to fund your case with a No Win No Fee contract. According to the terms of our No Win No Fee contract, you won’t have to pay any money upfront to start your claim, neither do you have to pay anything at any time while the case is in progress. Your personal injury solicitor will use their own funds to cover all fees associated with your claim until the case is closed. If your claim is successful a fee is paid as an agreed percentage of the compensation you are awarded, and is simply deducted from the compensation received. If your claim is not successful, you won’t have to pay anything.

      The amount of compensation you would receive for a successful petrol station accident claim depends on several factors. Your medical expenses, severity of your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of employment, loss of amenities and long term medical expenses are some of the factors that will be taken into consideration when calculating personal injury compensation due to you.

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