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The Most Dangerous Places To Work

Accidents are accidents for a reason, no one can predict or completely prevent them from happening, but generally health and safety has seen a massive improvement over the last couple of decades. There are however still thousands of people in Britain who suffer from illness and workplace injuries ranging from paper cuts to life changing events at work each year.

In Britain, we are lucky enough to have the Health and Safety Executive collecting and collating all this data into a digestible report each year. Given this we thought it would be insightful to delve into this data, combine it with some other sources, and explore exactly where the most dangerous place to work in Britain is. Looking at the most recent year of 2016 we can break it down by industry, county and even age & gender for both fatal and non-fatal accidents.

So, take a look at the information below and let us know your worst workplace accident experience in the comment box at the foot of the page.

Dangerous Places To Work

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