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The Deadliest UK Road Accident Statistics

Winter’s on it’s way and it can be a particularly dangerous time on the roads here in the UK. Along with the festive cheer and frosty chill comes the slush, slippery roads and the dreaded black ice, causing many a pedestrian to slide over and some rather unfortunate road traffic accidents.

This got us to thinking – where, when, and what exactly are the most common causes of vehicle accidents on the UK roads year-round? Well, after a long dig through the latest available governmental and DVLA sourced data on year-round national accidents we put together the following visualisation, comparing guys to gal’s, country lovers to city dwellers and the trickiest manoeuvres. Lastly, to top this off we’ve found when you’re statistically most likely to have an accident on the road.

Take a look below and maybe pay extra attention next time you’re performing some of these actions.


Deadly UK Road Accident Stats

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