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      Slipped On Water At Work What Should I Do?

      Slipping on water at work is a fairly common accident and one that can happen in all types of workplaces, from corporate offices and hotels to factory floors, restaurants, hospitals and building sites. Although this may seem like one of the less serious types of accidents, the truth is, if you have slipped on water at work it can result in a wide range of injuries, some of which can be life-changing.

      If you slipped on water at work in an accident that was due to the negligence of your employer or a work colleague, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

      Common Causes Of Wet Floor Accidents In The Workplace

      A floor that has just been mopped and is not yet completely dry is one of the most common causes of wet floor slip accidents anywhere but it’s not the only one.

      Water spills are a common occurrence in all types of dining establishments, from pubs and cafes to fast food takeaway outlets. While these spills might be seen as unavoidable, the key to preventing slipping accidents is to mop up all spills immediately and make it clear with hazard warning signs that the area may still be wet while the area dries if needed.

      Water spills are also quite common in supermarkets and other shops.

      Leaking roofs and burst pipes are other causes of wet slippery floors at work that can cause serious accidents.

      In all of the above instances, it is the responsibility of the proprietor or the manager of the property to take immediate action to prevent an accident. The first step is to put up a large enough ‘wet floor hazard’ warning sign where it is clearly visible. The second step is to clear the water and dry the floor promptly.

      Health And Safety Legislation In The Workplace

      In the UK, there are various laws and regulations to protect workers’ rights to safety in the workplace. The primary legislation covering this aspect is the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, also known as the HSW Act. There are several other regulations that were subsequently established to address specific occupational health and safety issues. Essentially, all of these Acts and Regulations hold employers responsible for identifying risks in their particular industry and putting the appropriate protective measures in place to ensure their workers’ safety. In legal terms, this is known as an employer’s duty of care. If an employer is negligent in their duty of care and a worker has slipped and fell at work and is injured as a result of this negligence, they may be eligible to claim compensation for their injuries.

      I Slipped On Water At Work What Should I Do?

      If you slipped on water at work, there are a few things you must do immediately after the accident to protect both, your health and your legal rights.

      Treat Your Injuries

      Do a quick self-assessment to determine how serious your injuries are. Get first-aid treatment for those injuries that can be treated on the spot. If you cannot move or your injuries look like they need more than a first-aid kit, call for an ambulance. Regardless of how minor your injuries look, you must get a thorough check-up by a medical professional. Some symptoms can manifest hours or days after the accident and if not treated on time, they could cause other complications.

      Get Photographs Of The Accident Scene

      If you’re too injured to take photos yourself, ask a colleague to get photographs of the water spill and of any visible injuries. Do this immediately after the accident, before management sends somebody to clean up the area. Without photographic evidence of the water spill, management could deny there was ever a spill in the first place. Getting photographs will provide you with strong evidence supporting your claim.

      Record The Accident In The Workplace Accident Book

      Every workplace in the UK is legally required to keep a works accident book or a logbook on site. This is generally kept in the HR (Human Resources) office or in the supervisor’s or manager’s office. Report your accident to your manager/supervisor and also write down a detailed report in the works accident book. Get a signed copy of the report for yourself. This helps to create a paper trail of the accident so your employer cannot deny it at a later date.

      Gather Witness Statements

      If you have witnesses that can corroborate that you slipped on water at work ask them if they can provide a witness statement. This should serve as strong evidence should you wish to pursue a compensation claim.

      Keep Records Of Everything Related To The Accident

      This includes your immediate and delayed symptoms, diagnostic tests, doctor’s diagnosis, prescribed medications and medical treatments. Also keep a record of all medical-related expenses, including the cost of travelling to the hospital and back for ongoing treatment. To be clear, keep a record of all expenses or losses as a result of the accident.

      Contact A  Personal Injury Solicitor

      As soon as you feel well enough, make an appointment to speak with a personal injury solicitor. Personal injury solicitors are experts in this area of the law and will tell you upfront whether or not you have a valid, winnable claim. You will get a free consultation appointment, during which the personal injury solicitor will advise you on the best way to proceed with your work injury compensation claim. They will also help to fund your claim by giving you the option to sign a No Win No Fee agreement. A No Win No Fee agreement works to your advantage because it ensures that you get expert legal representation without having to pay any upfront legal fees. You only pay after the case has been settled and only if your claim is successful and you’ve been awarded compensation.

      If you have slipped on water at work and feel you may have a case to claim compensation then please feel free to contact us today to speak with a personal injury solicitor.

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