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The Most Ridiculous Cases Taken To Court

Over the last 1,000 years we have seen a slow but steady legal evolution of judiciary systems culminating in what they are today, while these systems are predominantly used to handle business and personal disputes, occasionally some people go a little out of the box.

Inspired by Stella Liebeck’s case in 1992, the Stella awards were founded to celebrate some of the worlds wild, outrageous and most ridiculous cases taken to court. Sadly however, this came to a stop in 2007. Well here at ACA we thought it would be entertaining to look back over the past two decades and put together a list of the most ridiculous court cases, both those included in the Stella’s and those that missed the cut, and while some of these didn’t win (for obvious reasons) you have to admire some of the effort they put in.

So, take a look at the information below and let us know which is your favourite.

Ridiculous Court Cases

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