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      Roundabout Accident Claims

      Roundabout accidents are a fairly common type of road traffic accident. Using a roundabout safely requires every driver to know and implement the rules pertaining to roundabouts. Most Roundabout Accident Claimimportantly, it requires drivers to be aware of other vehicles using the roundabout at that time. Unfortunately, not all drivers use enough care and attention to navigate a roundabout safely which can cause collisions and injuries.

      If you have been injured in an accident on a roundabout, you may be entitled to make a roundabout accident claim for compensation.

      Common Roundabout Accidents

      Common roundabout accidents include:

      • Being hit from behind while waiting to enter the roundabout
      • Another vehicle cutting across lanes
      • Car pulling out of junction prematurely
      • Drivers not slowing down for a roundabout

      These are just some common accidents and in each case, if you were injured as a result and can prove it was the other drivers’ fault you should get legal advice from a personal injury solicitor about what compensation you may be entitled to claim for.

      What You Should Do After A Roundabout Accident

      If your vehicle was involved in a road traffic accident, regardless of whose fault it was, it is crucial that you stay calm and take stock of the situation. What you say and do at this time could help or hurt your roundabout accident claim.

      Here are some things you should do and some things you shouldn’t do after a roundabout accident:

      • Assess your injuries and the injuries of any other passengers in your vehicle. This should be your first priority. If anyone is badly injured, call for the ambulance immediately. Even if the injuries don’t look severe, make sure that you get a complete medical check-up to ensure that you don’t have any internal injuries.
      • Get photographs that show visible injuries clearly. Also if possible and it’s safe to do so get photographs that show the scene of the accident, the roundabout layout, skid marks if any and damage to your vehicle. Getting several photographs of the accident scene from different angles will make it easier to determine who was at fault. Don’t forget to take pictures of the licence plates of other vehicles involved.
      • Get the names and contact details of those who saw the accident happen. Witness statements can boost your chances of winning a roundabout accident claim.
      • Ask the driver or drivers for their drivers’ licence details. Get pictures of their licence so you have it on record.
      • Look around for any CCTV cameras in the area, or any witnesses that may have recorded the accident on their dashcam. If there are, ask to see the recordings and ask for a copy of any that captured the roundabout accident.
      • If the accident occurred on a mini-roundabout in a residential area, it may be a good idea to go to a few houses and ask if anyone witnessed the collision.
      • File a report of the accident at the nearest police station and get a signed copy of the report for your records.
      • Inform your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible

      What You Should NOT Do After A Roundabout Accident

      • Do not at any time admit that the fault was yours. It’s best not to engage in any discussion about who was right or wrong.
      • Do not accept oral admission of fault from the other driver. An oral admission means nothing as the driver can easily deny this at a later time. If the other driver accepts fault, get the driver to give you a written and signed admission.
      • Do not accept any out of court settlement from the other driver. This is regardless of whether the offer is made on the spot by the driver involved or at a later date by their insurance company. This usually happens when the driver knows they were at fault. There are two problems with accepting an out of court settlement. The first is that the amount offered is almost sure to be lower than what a personal injury solicitor could get you. The second is that you will be asked to relinquish your right to pursue any further claims for compensation.

      How Much Compensation For A Roundabout Accident?

      The compensation you might be awarded for injuries from a roundabout accident will depend on several different factors. Calculating compensation comes down to what is known as general damages and special damages (use our general damages calculator below), but essentially you should expect to be reimbursed for the total cost of any medical treatment, including any long-term treatment such as physiotherapy or counselling if necessary as a direct result of the accident. The cost of traveling back and forth for your treatment will also be reimbursed. Other factors that go into calculating compensation are pain and suffering, loss of wages from taking leave of absence from work, cost of mobility aids or home care if required, and loss of amenity.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      Making A Roundabout Accident Claim

      Most personal injury solicitors will provide a free telephone consultation on a roundabout accident, simply because if you have a claim they will offer to take it on.  During this consultation, they will want to discuss details of what ensued before and after the roundabout accident and what evidence you may have already gathered.

      If, after hearing your account and going through the evidence, the solicitor feels that you have a strong case, they will advise you to go ahead with filing a roundabout accident claim. In most cases the solicitor will also offer to file your claim using a No Win No Fee contract, which allows you to pursue a compensation claim without paying any upfront fees.

      A No Win No Fee contract is essentially an agreement between you and your solicitor, which states they will cover all the legal fees involved as it proceeds. If your roundabout claim is successful with ourselves and you are awarded compensation, you simply pay a set percentage of the amount awarded. The agreed percentage is deducted directly from your compensation. If your roundabout accident claim is not successful, you would not pay anything.

      If you think you have a roundabout accident claim, it is important to get in touch with a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible. Putting together a winning claim takes time and there is a time limit of 3 years to file most personal injury claims. To discuss a roundabout accident claim with a solicitor for free advice please contact us today.

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