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Roundabout Accident Compensation Claims

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Roundabout Accident Claims – How Much Compensation Could I Claim?

You may be eligible to make a roundabout accident claim for compensation if you’re a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, or pedestrian injured at or on a roundabout due to somebody else’s careless driving or other negligence.Roundabout Accident Claim

Our personal injury team specialising in road traffic collisions are here to help you if you do want to take action. We’ll begin by reviewing your claim during an initial assessment. You won’t be obliged to proceed but we’ll give you free legal advice on whatever you choose to do.

If your claim looks like it could be won, we’ll refer you to one of our personal injury solicitors. Importantly, they won’t ask you to pay for their work upfront if they take you on as a client. Instead, they’ll provide a No Win, No Fee service, so you’ll only need to pay them if you are awarded compensation.

To learn more about roundabout accident claims, please read the rest of this guide. Alternatively, please get in touch on 0800 6524 881 today if you’d like to begin the claims process right away.

Am I Eligible To Make A Roundabout Accident Compensation Claim?

Not all roundabout accidents causing injury to road users or pedestrians will result in a compensation claim. However, you may be eligible to make a roundabout accident claim if:

  • The road user you blame (the defendant) owed you a duty of care; and
  • An accident at a roundabout/mini-roundabout occurred because they were negligent; and
  • You suffered injuries as a result of the accident.

It’s sufficient, at this stage, to say that all drivers must try to protect other road users by driving safely because of the Road Traffic Act 1988. However, for a claim to be successful what you will need to do, though, is prove how the roundabout accident occurred and the extent of your injuries. To help with this, you can supply evidence. Therefore, we’ll look at this in a later section of this guide.

Can I Claim If I Was Partly To Blame?

Yes, in some cases, you may still be able to claim if you were partially to blame for an accident. For example, if you changed lanes approaching the roundabout and a speeding vehicle hit you from behind, it might be argued that you were 25% responsible for the collision. In this scenario, your claim would proceed as normal but any settlement amount would be reduced by 25%. Please speak to a specialist if you believe this is relevant to your case.

Common Causes Of Roundabouts Accident Claims

Roundabout accidents are a fairly common type of road traffic accident. Using a roundabout safely requires every driver to know and implement the rules pertaining to the Highway Code. Most importantly, it requires drivers to be aware of other vehicles using the roundabout at that time. Unfortunately, not all drivers use enough care and attention to navigate a roundabout safely which can cause collisions and injuries.

Some common causes of roundabout and mini-roundabout accidents that might lead to a compensation claim include:

  • Where another vehicle cuts across lanes and causes a collision.
  • If a scooter or moped rider is injured from being hit from behind while waiting to join the roundabout.
  • Passengers injured in a car accident on a mini-roundabout caused by vehicles pulling onto the roundabout prematurely.
  • If a vehicle fails to slow down prior to joining the roundabout.
  • Where a cyclist is injured on a roundabout because another driver wasn’t paying attention.

As mentioned above, after any type of roundabout accident, you should not admit liability for what’s happened. Similarly, you should not accept the other driver’s admission of guilt at face value either as they could easily change their mind when they speak to their insurer. Instead, you should try to capture as much evidence as possible (as explained earlier) to try and prove what happened.

Common Injuries Sustained In Roundabout Collisions

There is no definitive list of injuries that could lead to roundabout accident claims. However, some common injuries from road collisions include:

If you believe you’ve suffered an injury during an accident at a roundabout because of somebody else’s negligence, contact us now and we’ll review your case for free

Information On Changes To Whiplash Claims

In May 2021, the government made changes to whiplash compensation claims to try and reduce their impact on insurance premium prices. As a result, any claims that are valued below £5,000 must be processed through an online portal. It wouldn’t be cost-effective for our solicitors to help with these claims.

However, we’d still suggest you give us a call to discuss your options. That’s because it’s not that easy to ascertain the value of your claim until the details of what’s happened and exactly what injuries have been sustained are fully known. After we’ve reviewed your claim, we could either direct you to the government claims portal or advise you whether one of our personal injury solicitors might take on your case.

How Much Compensation Will I Get For A Roundabout Accident?

If you do decide to claim following an accident at a roundabout, the amount of compensation you would get if successful will be based on:

  • General damages. This part of your claim looks at how much pain and suffering the accident caused, and for any loss of amenity.
  • Special damages. Here you’ll try to recover any expenses or costs your injuries have caused. For example, you might be able to claim back any lost income, medical costs or travel expenses.

To help determine the extent of your injuries for general damages compensation, you may be required to have a medical assessment as part of the claims process. Your solicitor will always try to arrange this locally for you.

Roundabout Accident Compensation Calculator

We can’t estimate compensation amounts for special damages for obvious reasons, however, we can provide (as a guide) a roundabout accident compensation calculator to demonstrate potential payout amounts for general damages.

Compensation Calculator
Part Of Body
How Severe?


*Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

Please don’t rely on these figures alone as each claim is unique. Therefore, any settlement will be based solely on your own circumstances.

Evidence To Support A Roundabout Accident Claim

If you wish to claim compensation, you’ll need to try and establish what caused the roundabout accident to occur. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. To support a roundabout accident claim, you could supply:

  • Photographic evidence. This could include the layout of the roundabout, where the damage is on each vehicle, and the accident scene just after it occurred.
  • Camera recordings. Many cars have dashcams these days to try and help prove liability for RTA claims. If your accident was captured, try to request a copy of any footage quickly before it is erased.
  • Witness details. Where it’s not clear who caused the accident, your solicitor might need to ask any witnesses what they saw. Therefore, try to get the contact details of anybody else who stopped at the scene of the accident.
  • Medical evidence. During your claim, you’ll need to prove the severity of your injuries. Therefore, you could ask for a copy of your medical records following a trip to the hospital or your GP.
  • The other driver’s details. This is important because you’ll need to know who to claim against. Try to get their name, address, contact details, insurance details, and information about their vehicle including the registration plate number.

After you’ve gathered corroborating evidence, get in touch on 0800 6524 881 so we can assess your chances of being compensated for free. You’ll get free expert advice with no pressure to start a claim.

What You Should NOT Do After A Roundabout Accident

Here are some things you shouldn’t do in a car accident on a roundabout as any of the below could jeopardise your compensation claim:

  • Do not at any time admit that the fault was yours. It’s best not to engage in any discussion about who was right or wrong.
  • Do not accept oral admission of fault from the other driver. An oral admission means nothing as the driver can easily deny this at a later time. If the other driver accepts fault, get the driver to give you a written and signed admission.
  • Do not accept any out-of-court settlement from the other driver. This is regardless of whether the offer is made on the spot by the driver involved or at a later date by their insurance company. This usually happens when the driver knows they were at fault. There are two issues with accepting an out-of-court settlement. The first is that the amount offered is almost sure to be lower than what our personal injury solicitors could get you. The second is that you will relinquish your right to pursue any further compensation claim for the accident.

We understand any roundabout accident can cause panic to arise, so even if you have done any of the above it is still worth contacting our claims advisors for free advice as there may still be a chance you could make a claim.

Time Limits For Claiming Roundabout Accident Compensation

As with other compensation claims, personal injury claims for accidents on roundabouts are bound by legal time limits. Generally, the limitation period for a car accident is a 3-year period starting from the date of your accident.

An exception to this is if your child was hurt in a car accident on a roundabout. In this case, you, as a litigation friend, could make a claim at any time before your child’s 18th birthday. That means the 3-year time limit does not apply unless a claim’s not made on their behalf. In that case, once the child reaches 18 years of age they’ll then have 3 years to make a roundabout accident claim for themself.

How Long Do Roundabout Accident Claims Take?

The length of time it takes to resolve a roundabout accident claim can vary depending on the specifics of the case. Claims that are pretty straightforward where liability is accepted early on may be resolved within 6 months or so. However, if there is a dispute over liability or the extent of the injuries, the process may take longer as more investigation is needed.

Please get in touch if you’d like an advisor to check how long you’ve got to begin your claim and if we could take a claim on for you.

Starting The Roundabout Accident Claims Process

Our solicitors specialise in personal injury claims. We believe they can improve your chances of winning your roundabout accident claim and receiving the right level of compensation. If you ask them to start the roundabout accident claims process, they will:

  • Work with you to fully understand what happened and how your injuries have affected you.
  • Collect supporting evidence to be used in your case.
  • File the claim with the defendant or their insurer.
  • Arrange for you to have a local medical assessment (where required).
  • Handle all communication with the defendant so you’re not faced with difficult legal or medical questions.
  • Send you regular updates about any progress.
  • Attempt to counter arguments or objections relating to liability for the roundabout accident by using their legal experience and additional evidence where necessary.

In all cases, our No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors will try to secure the highest amount of compensation possible for their clients. That means that if the defendant tries to settle the claim, their offer will only be accepted if it’s a fair amount. If it’s not in your case, your solicitor will try to negotiate a better settlement on your behalf.

To talk to us about your claim today, please call us on 0800 6524 881. Remember, any roundabout accident claim that’s accepted will be processed by your solicitor on a No Win No Fee basis.

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