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How Dangerous Is The London Underground?

You know that one annoying step on your walk into your local tube station, the one that always trips you, you’ve made a mental note to avoid every day but low and behold it’s got you again. While this might be a mere annoyance on your morning commute, if it ends badly it can be a pain for someone and cause a fair bit of trouble for the TFL.

So we thought we would take it to another level and look into exactly where the most dangerous stations in London were. First, we filed a freedom of information (FOI) request to the TFL for data on every reported injury that took place in each London Underground station in 2017. We then compiled from this the number of entries and exits from each station to find the station with the most injuries per million passengers.

As it turns out, that station, the most dangerous in the entirety of London is in-fact…. West Ham with 11 injuries per every million travellers. This briefly followed by Wanstead with 7 for every million and Barkingside with 5. On the other end of the spectrum, Hammersmith was the safest tube, with only 1 injury for every 10 million travellers.

Similarly, we looked at the most dangerous tube line to travel on and, Which is, in fact, the Northern Line, followed by the Metropolitan line.

We created a handy tube map to visualise the remainder of the data which you can see below, or click here for a Google sheet containing the full data.

Click the image to enlarge.

London Underground Accident Map

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  • Thanks for the data. i am doing a research in the accidents related to the platform gap in London underground and whether there is a need to have the platform screen door in London underground. Hopefully there is some more specific data about the accidents causing by the gaps. Anyway, thank you ~~

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