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    Groin Injury Claims

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      Groin Injury Claims

      If your groin injury was because of somebody else’s fault, you should consider obtaining legal advice as you may be eligible to make a groin injury claim for compensation.

      Common Causes Of Groin Injury

      Groin injuries are caused when excessive stress is placed on the muscles within the groin and thigh area. When the muscles in these areas are forcefully tensed or used too suddenly, they can get Groin Injury Claimstretched or tear, resulting in a groin injury. This type of injury is commonly seen in sports-persons who participate in strenuous, fast-paced sports that involve changing direction suddenly while running.

      Those who work in an environment that requires a lot of movement or lifting are also at high risk of suffering groin injuries. A groin injury may also be caused by a road accident if the groin muscles tensed too forcefully or quickly on impact.If the road accident was caused by another driver for example, this is a scenario where you it is likely you could make a groin injury claim and receive compensation.

      Symptoms Of A Groin Injury

      Common symptoms of a groin injury may include:

      • Pain or tenderness in the groin area or on the inside of the thigh;
      • Swelling at and around the site of the injury;
      • Pain while raising the knee or bringing legs together;
      • A popping or snapping sensation when the injury happens followed by severe pain in the groin area.

      Groin injuries are divided into three degrees of severity:

      1. 1st degree severity: Mild pain the in groin area with little loss of strength resulting in limited activity but no disability.
      2. 2nd degrees severity: Moderate pain, mild to moderate loss of strength in the groin and damage to tissues. There may be mild swelling and bruising.
      3. 3rd degree severity: Severe pain, swelling and bruising, drastic loss of strength in the groin area and almost total loss of function due to a tear in the groin muscle.

      Common Groin Injury Claims

      Although not every groin injury claim results from work accidents, they are the most common type of claim for groin injuries. Depending on the type of work, groin injuries can be prevalent, especially if workers have to lift more than 50 pounds regularly. Some of the most common types of groin injuries at work include:

      Groin Strains And Tears

      A groin strain or tear occurs when the muscle is stretched beyond its capacity or when there is a tear in a ligament near bones and at the joints. This type of injury occurs when lifting excessively heavy loads and can afflict workers who work in construction or those who work in a warehouse. It could also occur if you trip over a pothole.


      Hernias are a common type of work injury afflicting workers today, especially in those that work in a workplace that requires heavy lifting. A hernia is a tear in the wall of the abdomen. It can be extremely painful and manifests as a lump or swelling in the groin area. Repairing a hernia often involves surgery, and the patient can take as much as six weeks or more to return to normal activity.

      If you have a hernia injury this page provides more information on hernia injury claims.

      Pelvic Fractures

      A serious accident may result in a pelvic fracture, in which the bone and ligament get separated. Pelvic fractures are commonly caused due to sporting accidents, falls in the workplace, and sudden forceful movements that stretch the joints too fast. They can be avoided with the use of a safety harness.

      How Much Compensation For Groin Injury?

      How much compensation for a groin injury can vary considerably from case to case.  This is due to various different factors that may need to be calculated in to your claim such as the severity of your groin injury and the future prognosis, whether you have had to take time off sick from work or even had to stop working completely, if you will need long term treatment, and other factors you may not have even considered.

      However, by using our groin injury compensation calculator below you’ll gain some idea of what the Judicial College advises relating to general damages personal injury compensation payouts.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      If you would like a better idea of how much compensation your groin injury claim could be worth, please call us on 0800 6524 881 for a free no-obligation consultation.

      Making A Groin Injury Claim

      Did somebody else’s mistake or negligence cause your groin injury? If so, you should consider pursuing a groin injury claim so you can get the compensation you deserve.

      The best approach to getting compensation for your groin injury is by having an experienced personal injury solicitor represent you. You can get expert advice on a groin injury claim right now by taking advantage of a free consultation. During this initial consultation, you’ll be asked a few simple questions such as how the injury occurred and what you believe was the cause. You will then be advised as to whether or not you have a strong enough case that is worth pursuing. If the solicitor advises you to go ahead with your compensation claim, you are under no obligation to do so should you want to get a second opinion.

      After you choose a personal injury solicitor who you’d like to represent you, you will have to sign an agreement that lays out the terms of the arrangement. If you have a strong case with a high chance of winning, most solicitors will offer to proceed with the groin injury claim on a No Win No Fee basis. According to the terms of a No Win No Fee contract, you are not charged any fees until after you’ve won your claim and been awarded compensation. If you do not win any compensation, you do not have to cover any legal expenses. You should ask whichever law firm you choose to explain clearly what their fees are and what you’ll be charged for, both on a successful and unsuccessful outcome as some agreements may differ.

      Another advantage of having a personal injury solicitor is that you can be sure that the solicitor will leave no stone unturned to try and get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to. While the exact of compensation awarded in a successful groin injury claim may differ depending on each victim’s unique circumstances and the severity of their injuries, you can expect to be compensated for short and long term medical expenses, general pain and suffering, loss of income and perks, loss of amenities, and the cost of structural changes that you may have been forced to make to your home or car.

      Please contact us today if you would like to speak with a solicitor for free, expert advice about a groin injury claim.

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