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England’s Worst Cooks

Most of us like to think we are good cooks. But from time to time, we mess up and need the Internet to help us. But which city in England is the most guilty of this?

We compiled over 1 million Google searches from the top 25 most populated places across England to find out who are the worst cooks based on five different areas of cooking.

We scored each city by dividing the amount of search volume around our cooking topics by the population of the city. The score for each different cooking term was then normalised from 1 to 10, 10 being worst.

After collating the different search volumes, Bournemouth was crowned the worst cooks in England.

You can see our findings of the top 10 culinary-challenged cities below on the map, with a table of the rest of the 25 cities’ results in full:

Englands Worst Cooks

The two places that consistently came out worst at certain areas of cooking were Bournemouth and Brighton. Bournemouth was the worst at cooking pasta, making pancakes, and the most prone to burning food. Brighton was the worst at cooking rice and boiling eggs.

The 10 places in England that topped our findings all have popular Universities. This could suggest that students struggle with basic cooking tasks.

Another interesting finding was that London has the lowest score. This could suggest that Londoners don’t cook as much and therefore order more takeaway food. Or they could all be excellent chefs.

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