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      Ear Injury Claims

      Ear injuries can occur in any number of ways, from exposure to loud noise to an accident at work or while on the road. If your ear injury was caused by somebody else and due to no fault of yours, Ear Injury Claimyou may be able to make an ear injury claim for compensation.

      Common Causes of Ear Injuries

      Ear injuries can be external or internal. External ear injuries result from a direct blow to the ear, while internal ear injuries may result either from physical impact such as getting hit, or exposure to loud noise.

      These are some of the most common causes of ear injuries:

      Road Traffic Accidents

      The impact resulting from a road traffic accident can result in several different types of injuries to the outer, middle, and inner ear. Broken glass shards or broken metal can result in severe lacerations and bruising to the outer ear. Foreign objects entering the middle ear can damage the middle ear and direct trauma to the head can injure the inner ear.

      Accidents At Work

      Slip accidents at work caused by wet floors or falling from height in the absence of proper protective measures can result in ear injuries especially if the head was directly impacted in the accident. Ear injuries might also result from a collision with a vehicle or an item falling from a height.

      If you’ve suffered an ear injury at work due to somebody else’s negligence it’s very likely you will have a good case to make an ear injury claim.

      Poor Workplace Practices

      Workers exposed to loud noises without adequate hearing protection are at high risk of suffering a partial or total loss of hearing, which is one type of ear injury known as noise-induced hearing loss. Working with vibrating machinery for extended periods of time without adequate breaks can also cause tinnitus or hearing loss.

      Sports Accidents

      Ear injuries are quite common in certain types of contact sports such as rugby and hockey, which is why it is important that players are provided with adequate protection. Read our advice on rugby injury claims here.

      If you sustained an ear injury in any of the above accidents or any other accident that was caused due to somebody else’s mistake or negligence you should consider filing an ear injury claim.


      An ear injury from getting hit by another person, sometimes causing a perforated eardrum is another common injury. In cases of assault, you might like to refer to our criminal injuries claims advice here.

      Starting An Ear Injury Claim

      Filing a successful ear injury compensation claim is not always straightforward. To win your claim, you must be able to prove that the injury was caused by somebody else and that that particular incident caused your injuries.

      The first place to start if you believe you have an ear injury claim is to contact a personal injury solicitor for a free consultation. This provides potential claimants the opportunity to discuss what has happened and get expert advice, free of charge. Personal injury solicitors specialise in this area of the law. They understand the intricacies involved in making an ear injury claim and will advise you of what the chances are of a successful outcome.

      If the solicitor concludes you have a strong ear injury claim, they will use their expert knowledge and vast experience to build a strong case on your behalf should you choose to use them. They may also consult with qualified medical professionals to give their expert opinion regarding the cause and consequences of your injuries. This will help to strengthen your claim and increase your chances of receiving compensation.

      No Win No Fee Claims

      Most solicitors will offer potential clients a No Win No Fee agreement. If you use our No Win No Fee claims service, your appointed solicitor will put together your ear injury compensation claim without charging you any upfront fees. All costs involved in filing the claim will be covered so you do not pay anything unless the claim is successful. To be clear, with our No Win No Fee agreement, you will not pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful. You will only ever pay a fee if your claim is successful. The fee is calculated as a set percentage (no higher than 25%) of the compensation awarded. The fee is paid directly from the compensation when it has been received.

      Signing a No Win No Fee agreement gives you the benefit of getting expert legal representation without being out of pocket at any time.

      What Compensation Can You Claim?

      Compensation for any type of personal injury including an ear injury is usually awarded under two categories – general damages and special damages.

      General damages refer to the amount of compensation that is awarded for the pain and suffering you’ve gone through because of your ear injury.

      Special damages refer to the financial losses you’ve suffered as a result of your injury. Special damages include but are not limited to:

      • Medical expenses – Medical expenses cover all costs related to the medical treatment of your ear injury. This might include specialist care costs, cost of prescription medication, and cost of all follow-up treatments.
      • Travel expenses – Travel expenses cover costs such as traveling to and from medical appoints for your ear injury.
      • Lost wages – If you lost any income because your injuries prevented you from going to work, you can ask for your lost wages to be reimbursed. You can also claim lost wages if you took time off to recover and your employer did not give you the full sick pay due to you during that period.
      • Future loss of wages – A serious ear injury may force you to take an extended period of leave or it may force you to take up a lower-paying job. In this case, you may also be able to claim reimbursement for the potential future loss of income.
      • Cost of hearing aids – If you need to start using hearing aids after the injury, you should be reimbursed for the cost of the hearing aids.

      All of these costs can obviously add up to a significant amount.

      Average Ear Injury Compensation Amounts

      These compensation amounts are in relation to general damages and are of course not the only type of injuries that can occur to ears and hearing. There can also be injuries from botched or infected ear piercings, or scarring to the ears from an assault for example.

      • Total deafness – £85,170 to £102,890.
      • Complete hearing loss in one ear – £29,380 to £42,730.
      • Severe Tinnitus and hearing loss – £27,890 to £42,730.
      • Moderate Tinnitus and hearing loss – £13,970 to £27,890.
      • Mild Tinnitus and some hearing loss – £11,820 to £13,970.
      • Mild Tinnitus only or mild hearing loss only – In the region of £11,000.
      • Slight Tinnitus and slight hearing loss – £6,910 to £11,820.
      • Slight hearing loss only or slight Tinnitus only – Up to £6,580.

      For other injury compensation amounts, you can use our compensation calculator below.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      The best way to determine what compensation you might be able to claim is to consult with a personal injury solicitor. To speak with a solicitor about an ear injury claim you can call us now on 0800 6524 881 or use one of the forms available on the page to have us call you back.

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