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Comparing Healthcare Systems Around The World

Accidents are often beyond our control and can happen at any point. You expect that when one occurs there is a system in place in your country to help you, but is this the same in every place around the world, and if not, what are the differences between the nations? For instance, the United States is at the forefront in terms of medical technology but the government only covers an average of 48% of the cost and the rest falls into public hands. In fact, the best Government turns out to be Denmark who cover roughly 86% of public Healthcare and have a huge 1,725 Nurses for every 100,000 people in the country, compared to the UK who only have 300!

Well, here at Accident Claims Advice we sifted through the data and put together a helpful list which delves into the different healthcare systems around the world looking at which countries treat injuries efficiently and which ones currently flag (no pun intended) behind in accident care?

Healthcare Systems Around The World


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