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      Crane Accident Claims

      If you have suffered injuries in a crane accident whether as a crane operator, a member of the public or a member of the workforce, if negligence can be proven you could be entitled to make a crane accident claim for compensation.

      Common Injuries Seen In Crane Accident Claims

      It is not difficult to see the wide range of potential injuries which could occur as a consequence of a crane accident. Ultimately, bearing in mind the great heights and the constant dangers associated with heavy lifting with huge cranes there can sometimes be fatalities. Some of the more common injuries seen in crane accident claims include:

      • Head injuries of varying severity;
      • Concussion;
      • General cuts and lacerations;
      • Fractures, spinal injuries and damaged limbs caused by falls from a great height;
      • Crush injuries.

      While the majority of injuries are incurred by employees we have seen occasions where masonry/ equipment has become detached during the lifting process and injured members of the public passing by. This is why when large cranes are used it is commonplace to cordon-off adjacent roads.

      Crane Accidents Involving Workers

      Crane Accident ClaimThe Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places a legal duty of care on all employers with regards to the well-being of their employees. It is the broad nature of the act which means that in the vast majority of cases involving workplace injuries from crane accidents, it is used to prove negligence of employers. While considering this duty of care it is useful to remind ourselves that it is not only a duty of care to employees but also other workers and potentially members of the public in the direct vicinity.

      If an employer has been negligent leading to a crane accident injuring workers they may be liable to pay compensation.

      Compensation For Crane Accident Injuries

      Over the years we have seen claims for many different types of injury as a consequence of crane accidents. We have listed advised compensation amounts for some commonly seen injuries below, however you can also make use of our compensation calculator further down the page for other injury types.

      Brain/ Head Injuries Compensation

      • Relatively moderate brain/head injuries where a full recovery is expected within weeks will tend to attract compensation from £2,070 up to £11,980.
      • Severe brain damage at the lower end of the spectrum which has an impact on a person’s social and working life and may impact their personality going forward will attract compensation from £13,070 up to £36,740.
      • Moderate brain damage which tends to impact an individual’s independence and lead to long-term assistance will attract compensation from £40,4100 up to £205,580 depending upon the severity of the injuries.
      • Moderately severe brain damage which will often result in long-term disability, paralysis and a possible impact on the individual’s life expectancy will attract compensation from £205,580 up to £264,650.
      • Severe brain damage injuries which can impact an individual sensory perception, limit communication and lead to long-term medical assistance can see compensation from £264,650 up to £379,100.

      Neck Injuries Compensation

      • A relatively minor neck injury were a full recovery is expected but where the individual may experience severe pain in the short term will attract compensation from £2,300 up to £7,410.
      • Moderate neck injuries including fractures, dislocations and an impact on spinal fusion leading to restricted movement and long-term treatment can lead to compensation from £7,410 up to £36,120.
      • Severe neck injuries resulting in various fractures/dislocations and potential nerve damage right the way up to paralysis and long-term disability offers potential compensation from £42,680 up to £139,210

      Crane Accident Compensation Calculator

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      Filing A Crane Accident Claim

      To file a strong crane accident claim you need to prove negligence on behalf of one or more third parties – if it was an accident at work generally the employer and others involved in the project. Evidence such as photographs of the crane and surrounding area, witness statements, medical records and examples where a duty of care has been breached, together with a record of events, should help determine whether you have a strong case. There is a three year time limit to file a crane accident claim which begins on the day of the accident during which you can claim compensation for your injuries.

      For the best chance of a successful crane accident claim you should contact an experienced personal injury solicitor. Most provide free consultations which gives you the opportunity to discuss your claim and get expert advice. Although there’s no obligation, if they advise you should file a crane accident claim they would likely offer you what is known as a No Win No Fee arrangement. In our case, essentially this means that we will cover any legal costs while pursuing your claim. The only fee that would be taken is an agreed percentage from the compensation settlement, so if the claim is not successful you would pay nothing.

      Once you have come to an arrangement with a personal injury solicitor they will forward details of your crane accident claim, medical records and evidence to the courts. At this point the defendant will receive a full copy of all documentation. Where an admission of negligence is forthcoming the defendant would likely request an early settlement to arrange swift payment of compensation and reduce their legal expenses. Of course there will be occasions where negligence is disputed, or there may be more than one party involved in the crane accident claim, at which point a judge will consider all evidence and make a ruling.

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