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      Brow Lift Compensation Claims

      A brow lift is a relatively minor cosmetic procedure that has become hugely popular in recent years to give the upper part of the face a more youthful appearance. Although it is considered a Brow Liftcosmetic procedure, it can do more than just improve the look of the brow or forehead. When done correctly, a brow lift can be a huge confidence booster. It makes you feel good, which boosts your self-esteem and helps you to look and feel more confident when interacting with others.

      Sometimes, however, brow lifts don’t go as planned. If the procedure is carried out negligently, it can have serious repercussions ranging from numbness, scarring and infections. In a worst-case scenario, you will need to undergo another corrective procedure.

      If you think your brow lift procedure was carried out negligently, you must speak to a personal injury solicitor to determine what your legal rights are to making a brow lift compensation claim.

      How A Brow Lift Is Performed

      A brow lift procedure essentially involves removing the excess skin and fatty tissue from the forehead, mainly around the brow area and tightening the muscles in the area. These two procedures result in smoothening the wrinkles on the forehead while simultaneously raising the eyebrows and eyelids. The result is smoother looking skin and taut eyebrows and eyelids, all of which are meant to improve the overall appearance.

      There are two ways that a brow lift can be performed. The first is by creating an incision from ear to ear around the top of the hairline. The second method involves making several small incisions around the hairline. The cosmetic surgeon uses specialised precision instruments to carry out the brow lift. The cosmetic surgeon makes the ultimate decision as to which is the better method after taking various factors into consideration.

      What Can Go Wrong During A Brow Lift Procedure

      As you would expect, in most brow lift procedures everything goes well and most people walk away very happy with the results. Some people may experience discomfort and redness but it’s just temporary. There are occasions however when things can go wrong. Complications may arise during the procedure itself or sometime after the brow lift, during the healing phase.

      These are just some of the complications associated with negligent brow lift procedures:

      • Asymmetrically shaped eyebrows;
      • Difficulty moving the eyebrows;
      • Loss of sensation above the eyebrows and well into the forehead area;
      • Damage to nerves;
      • Scarring across the brow or forehead;
      • Disfigurement;
      • Infection at the site of the surgery;
      • Excessive bleeding;
      • Wrinkles or creases return within a short period after the procedure;
      • Headaches.

      None of the above are normal reactions to a brow lift procedure. If you experience any of these issues, you should contact a personal injury solicitor to determine if you are eligible to claim brow lift compensation for this negligence.

      Cosmetic surgery gone wrong can leave you in pain and feeling self-conscious. In addition to the emotional distress, you may also have to undergo further corrective procedures or reconstructive surgeries. Receiving compensation can help to cover the cost of any corrective procedures that you may need to undergo and can also help recover lost wages from being forced to stay home from work.

      Making A Brow Lift Compensation Claim

      Personal injury solicitors understand the distress you would have gone through after your negligent brow lift procedure and will handle your claim with the utmost discretion and compassion.

      When you call to speak with a personal injury solicitor, most will offer you a complimentary, obligation-free consultation. This is the perfect opportunity for you to explain what happened and get expert legal advice as to what to do next.

      The personal injury solicitor will ask a number of questions regarding the brow lift procedure and try to determine whether you should try to claim compensation. If, after hearing the details and examining any evidence you may have such as photographic evidence, the personal injury solicitor finds that there is no strong evidence pointing to negligence, they may advise you against pursuing any brow lift compensation claim. However, if the solicitor confirms that you have a strong case of negligence, they will likely advise you to start a claim for compensation.

      No Win No Fee Brow Lift Compensation Claims

      One of the many benefits of having a personal injury solicitor to help you file a brow lift compensation claim is the No Win No Fee agreement. They understand that you might have already spent a lot on your brow lift surgery and may also be dealing with ongoing expenses in trying to treat the adverse consequences of the negligence. To make it easier for you, most personal injury solicitors will offer to make your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

      In a typical No Win No Fee claim, the solicitor/law firm will cover all of the legal expenses associated with your claim while it is ongoing. If your claim is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay the solicitor anything. You only pay the solicitor if your brow lift compensation claim is successful. The amount you would pay is usually a set percentage of the compensation awarded, and is deducted from the compensation itself. All of these details should be laid out in the No Win No Claim agreement. With an agreement such as this in place, you get the benefits of the solicitor’s experience and expertise without being out of pocket at any time.

      If you have suffered from a brow lift gone wrong and believe it was due to negligence,  then please contact us today to speak with a personal injury solicitor as you may be entitled to file a brow lift compensation claim.

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