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Brow Lift Claims – How Much Compensation Could I Claim?

A brow lift is a relatively straightforward procedure used by many to reduce the signs of ageing. Over the years, brow lifts have become more and more popular and most people are more than happy Brow Liftwith their outcome. However, mistakes can happen when brow lifts are performed that could leave the patient with permanent facial scarring or other facial deformities. If you’ve suffered because of a botched brow lift, this guide will explain when a brow lift compensation claim might be possible and how the process of making a compensation claim works.

We have a team of specially trained advisors on hand to help you start the ball rolling. If you call, you’ll receive free legal advice during a no-obligation consultation. The merits of your claim will be assessed and your options will be reviewed. If it’s thought that your claim is strong enough, we could pass it on to a medical negligence solicitor from our panel. If they agree to handle your case, you’ll be represented on a No Win No Fee basis.

If you’re ready to discuss your claim right away, please call us on 0800 6524 881 today. Alternatively, please read on to find out more about how brow lift compensation claims work.

What Is A Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a procedure carried out by a cosmetic surgeon to raise the eyebrows. Other names for a brow lift include forehead rejuvenation or a forehead lift. The process involves lifting the skin and the soft tissue of the brow and forehead. Removing excess skin and fatty tissue can raise an uneven or sagging brow.

Typically, brow lifts are carried out to improve self-confidence and reduce the signs of ageing. For example, as you get older, the brow loses the ability to snap back into position after stretching and it moves down. This makes the distance between the eyebrows and lashes smaller. After a brow lift, the eyebrows should be raised and could make lead to a refreshed appearance.

Am I Eligible To Make A Brow Lift Compensation Claim?

A medical negligence solicitor will have to check that there’s a reasonable chance of success before accepting a brow lift compensation claim. To do this, they’ll verify whether:

  • The surgeon acted negligently i.e. the level of treatment provided fell below what could have reasonably been expected; and
  • As a direct result of the surgeon’s negligence, you have suffered physically, mentally or both (causation).

Importantly, brow lift compensation claims can only be made if both of the above criteria were true. For example, if something went wrong during your procedure but it was unavoidable (i.e. the surgeon was not negligent), a claim would not be possible.

To help determine whether negligence occurred during your brow lift, an independent medical expert will check what happened and what went wrong. If they believe your surgeon was negligent and caused you to suffer, you could have grounds to sue for compensation.

What Are The Risks Of Brow Lift Surgery?

As brow lifts are performed by medical professionals (surgeons) they usually go to plan and most people leave the surgery happy with the outcome. As with any surgery, there are some known risks and side effects such as redness or bruising around the face which can’t be avoided.

However, if a brow lift goes wrong, it can lead to the following complications:

  • Difficulty moving the eyebrows.
  • Scarring around the forehead or brow.
  • Asymmetrically shaped eyebrows.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Infections.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Disfigurement.
  • Headaches.
  • Creases and wrinkles returning soon after surgery.

These are not outcomes that should be expected following a brow lift and could mean you’re entitled to compensation for any suffering endured. As well as dealing with any pain or embarrassment, you may have to undergo remedial surgery to rectify the problems caused by the initial procedure.

If you have suffered because of medical negligence during a brow lift, please get in touch to see if you could claim compensation.

Surgical Negligence During Brow Lift Procedures

As explained in the previous section, your cosmetic surgeon must’ve done something wrong before you can make a brow lift compensation claim against them. So, let’s take a look at some examples of negligence that could occur:

  • If the risks of the procedure were not explained before you were treated.
  • Where the wrong equipment or procedures were used.
  • If the procedure was not carried out hygienically.
  • Where your health record was not considered prior to brow lift surgery.
  • If alternative forms of treatment were not considered and discussed with you.
  • Where unrealistic outcomes were promised.
  • If you were pressured into having a brow lift by the surgeon or staff at the clinic.
  • Where aftercare instructions were not provided or weren’t clear.

If you believe that you’ve suffered because of cosmetic surgery negligence before, during or after a brow lift, please get in touch to let us know.

I Signed A Waiver Before Surgery, Can I Still Claim Compensation?

You should not be put off from claiming compensation for a botched brow lift just because you signed a consent form or a waiver. These documents are a way of recording the fact that you were told about what procedure you were having and any known risks. They do not, under any circumstances, protect a surgeon from being sued if their negligence caused the patient to suffer.

If you’d like us to check any waiver you’ve signed, please contact our team today.

How Much Compensation For A Brow Lift Procedure Gone Wrong?

If you decide to make a compensation claim for a brow lift gone wrong, your solicitor will try to secure general damages to cover your pain and suffering as well as special damages to cover any associated expenses.

If you receive a compensation payout, it could include damages to cover:

  • Any physical pain and suffering.
  • Embarrassment, distress and other forms of mental harm caused by your botched brow lift.
  • Care costs if somebody else had to support you while you recovered.
  • The cost of private medical treatment to try and remedy your injuries.
  • Travel costs linked to your claim and treatment.
  • Lost earnings where you couldn’t work while injured.
  • Future loss of income if your injuries reduce your ability to work in the future.

If your claim is handled by a medical negligence solicitor on our panel, they’ll work alongside you to get a full understanding of how your injuries have affected you. They’ll then fight your corner to try and make sure you are compensated fairly.

Calculating Botched Brow Lift Compensation Amounts

In a personal injury claim for a botched brow lift, the severity of your physical and mental injuries is used to determine a settlement amount that should be awarded (if the claim is won). Therefore, as part of the process, you’ll need to be examined by an independent expert. They’ll explain their findings and your prognosis in a report for your solicitor and the defendant’s insurers.

Until this report is received, it’s not possible to say how much compensation you could claim. However, our compensation calculator, below, shows the compensation ranges for a number of relevant injuries:

Compensation Calculator
Part Of Body
How Severe?


*Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

Please contact our advisors to find out more on what payout you may be entitled to.

Evidence To Support Your Compensation Claim

It is important to show exactly how you’ve suffered due to your brow lift and who was responsible for your injuries if you’re to win a medical negligence claim. The types of evidence your solicitor might present to support your claim include:

  • Before and after photographs of your forehead.
  • A statement from you about how you’ve been affected.
  • Witness statements from friends and family to explain how you’ve suffered.
  • Medical reports and records to show the extent of any injuries and remedial work.
  • Copies of any correspondence you’ve had with the clinic that carried out the brow lift procedure (before or after your procedure).
  • A copy of your waiver or consent form.

As part of their service, your solicitor will try to secure as much evidence as possible on your behalf. However, if you have collected any already, please let us know when you contact us.

Time Limits Claiming Brow Lift Compensation

In the UK, medical negligence claims have a 3-year limitation period. For most brow lift claims, this will start from the date of your procedure or from when you realised something was wrong.

If you begin your claim early, it is possible that your solicitor will be able to secure an interim payment before the claim is finalised to cover the cost of private treatment to help you recover sooner.

Starting The Brow Lift Claims Process

We are ready to help if you’d like to discuss starting the brow lift claims process with one of our specialists. Simply give them a call on 0800 6524 881 for a no-obligation consultation about your claim.

Importantly, our solicitors will try to reduce the stress associated with claiming by working on a No Win No Fee basis if your claim is taken on. As a result, you will only need to pay for their work if you are compensated for your suffering.

If you need to know anything else about brow lift compensation claims, please use live chat to connect with a specialist.

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