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      Abrasion Injury Compensation

      A graze in which one or multiple layers of the skin get scraped away is called an abrasion and if this injury has happened to you then you might be entitled to abrasion injury compensation.

      When we hear the word abrasion, most of us immediately envision a mild injury with minor scratches on the skin and may be a little bleeding. While in most cases abrasions could easily be classified as superficial injuries, this is not always the case. Some abrasion injuries can be severe enough to form scar tissue that is suggestive of major trauma to the skin.

      Unlike minor abrasions that can be washed and treated at home, major abrasions need more extensive care. They should ideally be treated by an experienced medical professional, so that the skin can heal properly.

      If an accident that was a third party’s fault results in you getting a severe abrasion injury, you may have a right to claim compensation for the injury.

      Common Causes Of Abrasion Injury

      An abrasion injury typically results from your skin rubbing against a hard, rough surface. For example, you could suffer an abrasion injury when you scrape your hand against a rough wall or on a tarred road as you try and stop your fall. If you fell and scraped your skin because of your own carelessness or mistake, you would have no grounds to file a compensation claim.

      However, if you fell and scraped your skin because of somebody else’s carelessness or mistake, you may have solid grounds for a compensation claim. Cycling accidents, participating in rough sports such as rugby and football, playground accidents, an allergic reaction that causes severe itching or slips, trips and falls are some of the more common causes of abrasion injuries.

      Where the abrasion occurs depends on the type of accident and what caused it. Hands, knees and elbows are the most susceptible.

      Types Of Abrasion Injuries

      There are three types of abrasion injuries. Each is distinguished by the extent of damage to the skin.

      Layers Of SkinWhen only the epidermis is damaged, it is called a first-degree abrasion. The skin damage can be clearly seen in a first-degree abrasion but the wound does not bleed. First degree abrasions are not serious and will heal by itself over a period of time.

      When the dermis and epidermis are both damaged and there is just a little bit of blood, the injury is called second-degree abrasion. Second degree abrasions will also heal on their own but it will take longer. Getting proper medical treatment will help the wound heal faster and minimise the risk of infection.

      When the damage cuts through the epidermis and dermis and goes right through to the subcutaneous layer, it is called a third-degree abrasion. Third-degree abrasions almost certainly leave a scar even after the wound is healed. These injuries are more painful because the highly sensitive nerve endings get exposed. The wound is also at higher risk of getting infected.

      Proper medical treatment followed by regular cleaning and irrigating the wound will help prevent infection.

      Abrasion Injuries Compensation

      If your abrasion injury/ injuries were caused because of somebody else’s mistake or negligence you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. You may also be able to claim reimbursement for all out of pocket expenses related to the accident and loss of wages if your injuries forced you to stay away from work.

      Before you file your claim, it is advisable to consult with an experienced personal injury solicitor so please contact us if you wish to do so. We can discuss your abrasion injury claim quite easily over the phone where we will listen to all the details and go through any available information and medical reports you might have. Based on the information our personal injury solicitors have, they will advise you as to whether or not you have a strong case that is worth pursuing.

      If you have first or second degree abrasions or if you do not have solid proof that somebody else was at fault, they may advise you not to go ahead with the case, but don’t let that put you off calling.

      If however you have third degree abrasions and solid proof that a third party caused your injuries, they will agree to help you file a case using a No Win No Fee agreement, explained in further detail here. This agreement essentially frees you from having to pay any legal fees upfront. All expenses, including court fees, are borne by us right through. If and only if your claim is successful, you pay an agreed percentage of the compensation awarded.

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