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      Whiplash Claims Compensation Calculator

      Whiplash is the name given to a neck injury that is sustained when the head and neck are caused to move suddenly. Sudden movements that cause the head to move backward, sideward or front ways at speed can cause injury to the muscles surrounding the neck. With the sudden and severe movements of the head, tendons and ligaments can be damaged.

      Some people have the perception that whiplash injuries are mild, however on the contrary it is true that some people who suffer a whiplash injury are affected mildly with symptoms easing off Whiplash Claims Calculatorunder a month or so this is not true for all whiplash sustained injuries. The most common types of whiplash occur during a road traffic accident when a vehicle is hit or stops suddenly in the event of an accident, the vigorous movement causes the head to move violently.

      Whiplash injuries can vary dramatically in terms of pain and suffering, such injuries can also last for different lengths of time. When asked how much compensation is likely to be awarded for a whiplash claim, especially at the beginning of a claim it is very difficult to calculate how much compensation is likely to be given.

      There are brackets to where certain types of whiplash and the prognosis fit into but special damages such as people’s personal circumstances, out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings and so on can only be calculated on a personal basis. Some whiplash injuries can last several weeks while other more serious cases can last for months, sometimes years and be very painful and has a dramatic effect on a person’s work and social life.

      Can I Claim For Whiplash?

      If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and it wasn’t your fault, may be you were the driver, passenger of a car, a pedestrian, a cyclist or a passenger on a bus or in a taxi then you may be entitled to claim for whiplash.

      We feel that victims of road traffic accidents should always be compensated if they are injured through no fault of their own, not just because they have been injured but also because their life may suffer disruption that wouldn’t have occurred had a road user not been negligent.

      We are a law firm of well established solicitors with decades upon decades of knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with road traffic accident claims and especially cases of whiplash.

      Our team of expert solicitors are here to help you with any questions or query’s you may have. We offer all potential clients a free consultation so that they can have your claim evaluated by a personal injury solicitor to know how best to move forward with your case. At no time after the consultation are you obliged to use our law firm, we provide this service so that potential clients can have their case assessed before entering in to any legal litigation.

      The severity of the whiplash and how long it may last for weighs heavily on the compensation that is to be awarded and how much disruption it has caused on the victim life. Giving a more precise amount to how much compensation will be awarded for a whiplash injury claim can be done so once our client has been examined by a medical expert and other damages and expenses have been calculated.

      We deal with 99% of all claim cases of whiplash injury on a No Win No Fee basis so that at no time are our clients at any financial risk and are left to recuperate without any worries regarding their case.

      What Can Be Claimed For In A Whiplash Compensation Claim?

      When calculating how much can be claimed for in terms of compensation for a whiplash claim there are two areas that need to be concentrated on and they are special damages and general damages. The damages are split in to two separate areas as they cover different parts of the claim.

      General damages are awarded for the pain and suffering that the victim of the whiplash claim has suffered. Obviously the more severe the whiplash the more compensation that is likely to be awarded as it is going to cause more pain for a lengthier time.

      Compensation for pain and suffering is quite difficult as everybody experiences pain differently and there is no way of measuring or comparing one personas pain and suffering to anothers, that is why we use medical experts so that they can evaluate the damage caused physically to the victim and then we can translate this in to funds.

      Special damages cover personal circumstance usually connected with finances so that any victim affected financially by a whiplash injury can be reimbursed. Special damages for whiplash claims cover the following;

      • Medical expenses.
      • Prescription costs.
      • Loss of earnings.
      • House adaptations.
      • Rehabilitation.
      • Physiotherapy.
      • Damages to personal items.

      These are not exclusive as they are personal damages that victims of a whiplash injury could have incurred, financial losses that are not mentioned above.

      How Much Compensation Is Awarded For Whiplash?

      With whiplash injury there are clear guidelines that indicate how much compensation a particular whiplash injury will warrant.

      The Judiciary Study Board lays out brackets to where different types of severity of whiplash injuries will fit in to which makes it easier for personal injury solicitors to give estimates early on in any particular case. It is fair to say that the law is quite rigid when it comes to whiplash compensation payouts so solicitors have a fair idea quite quickly what is likely to be awarded.

      Below is a whiplash injury compensation calculator which may give you an idea of where your whiplash injury may fit in to.

      The figures below are guidelines only and should never be taken as fact that your whiplash injury compensation amount will be the same. They are from past cases that have special damages calculated with them. The whiplash claims calculator below can be used so that you may estimate the amount of compensation that you are likely to be awarded.

      Claiming compensation for a whiplash injury is not there so that a person can make a financial gain, it is to put the victim back to the position they were in health wise and financially before the incident took place.

      Whiplash Claims Calculator

      All figures are estimated and are only a guide and each and every individual case is completely different. *The examples provided are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from each compensation case.

      To have a more accurate evaluation of your claim please phone us on 0800 6524 881 or use the Call Back form and we’ll call you at a better time. Most calls take 5 – 10 minutes, are free of charge and there’s no pressure to make a claim through ourselves.

      Whiplash Claims Amounts

      Type of Injury*Min Amount Awarded*Max Amount Awarded
      At its most severe where pain and discomfort will continue indefinitely. £6,500 £11,500
      Pain is manageable but will remain for a further two years, the future pain is not known. £3,500 £6,600
      Pain is considered minor and a full recovery will be made in years. £2,500 £3,250
      Minor injury a full recovery will be made within a year. £500 £2,500

      The table above clearly states the different forms of whiplash and how it can range from severe to minor injury and how this affects the amount of compensation that is awarded in its minimum and maximum amounts.

      If the claimant has severe pain in their neck and they are suffering quite badly, also there is quite a lengthy prognosis then they are likely to receive maximum compensation, in the region of £11,000. However if another claimant has the same amount of pain and suffering but they have a prognosis of less than maybe two years they are likely to receive compensation between £6,500 and £11,500. It is vital to state that the average compensation amount is in the region of £3000.

      No two whiplash claims are the same as incidents which cause whiplash injuries differ, people’s personal circumstances and people’s injuries differ. The whiplash claims calculator table is there to give guidance and never fact. When using the whiplash compensation calculator be sure to bear in mind that the values can decrease or increase depending on various factors.

      Average Whiplash Claim Amount

      Payouts for all personal injury claims vary dramatically as people’s injuries and circumstances can range from mild to severe. There is no average payout for a personal injury case and people incur injuries in different ways, and their pain and suffering are different to the next person.

      Whiplash injuries are probably the most common type of injuries for people to sustain after a road traffic accident and in reality whiplash injuries are probably the most easiest to give compensation estimates to as the law sets out strict guidelines to the amount of compensation that can be awarded for different severity of whiplash injuries. On average the payout for whiplash injury claims is in the region of £2,500 – £3,000 but can be increased depending on the prognosis and pain and suffering.

      Also the amount of compensation awarded can be increased largely if the whiplash injury is accompanied by other injuries.

      Start A Whiplash Claim

      We always strongly recommend that when a person is wanting to pursue any type of personal injury compensation claim including a whiplash injury compensation claim they should always instruct a solicitor who specialises in the particular area in which their claim falls.

      Cases of personal injury can become complicated, lots of legal jargon can be used and can be quite difficult to understand. Whiplash claim cases that seem quite straight forward on the outset may become tangled in liability issues that are too difficult to figure out to the untrained eye. That is why we would say to any whiplash injury victim to always appoint a personal injury solicitor to represent them in their case as they have the experience and knowledge to be able to figure out any complex and multidimensional issues and to ensure that the claim reaches its maximum amount of compensation.

      Starting a whiplash injury compensation case could not be simpler, by contacting a law firm that deals with personal injury and have a good standing is almost all you will need to do. They will go through a series of questions with you about how the accident happened, if you have the details of who you think maybe to blame for your injury and any other relevant information that they think may be useful. Much of the work is then done by the case handler which allows you to recuperate and get back to your normal self as soon as possible.

      No Win No Fee Whiplash Injury Claims

      We have an amazing team of solicitors with an outstanding success rate in whiplash claims that allows us to offer 99% of all cases we take on, on a No Win No Fee basis. We have the confidence and expertise in the area of whiplash compensation claims that we can offer almost all the whiplash injury clients a conditional fee agreement meaning that at no time now or in the future of your claim will you ever be at any financial risk. Nor will you ever have to pay any monies to either side if your claim fails to succeed.

      No Win No Fe agreements are what they appear as long as a person pursuing a whiplash injury compensation claim has been truthful and should your case does not succeed then you will never have to pay a penny to either side of the legal teams. However since the law change in April 2013 if the case does succeed then law firms can now take up to 25% of the compensation awarded to cover their overall costs.

      Why Choose Us As Your Law Firm

      Apart from our outstanding reputation for our ability and for the law firm that cares we also offer a service that is unique to the industry.

      We offer any potential client a free consultation to receive confidential legal advice on the compensation claim you want to pursue with no obligation at any time to appoint your claim to us.

      We appreciate each and every client that we represent, at no time is any client just a number and you receive a tailor made service to suit your needs in every possible way. We are fully aware that anybody who has chosen to pursue a whiplash has had difficult decisions to make and we make it our aim to assist you in any way we possibly can to ensure that any pressure and anxiety felt is quickly eased.

      You will not regret appointing us as your legal law team in your whiplash injury compensation claim case.

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