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Personal injury law was formed with the idea that anybody who has suffered some kind of injury or loss due to no fault of theirs, is entitled to receive some compensation for that injury or loss. If a person suffers an injury that falls under the scope of this law, they can approach the courts and ask for compensation to be issued.

While it sounds pretty straightforward, the fact is different personal injury actions come under different legislative categories, which can be confusing for the “lay person”. Attempting to claim compensation for your injuries without any legal help can be complicated and time consuming.

Instead of attempting to handle a claim on your own, it is advisable to consult with an experienced personal injury solicitor and get proper legal advice before proceeding.

The Different Types of Personal Injury Claims That You Can Raise

There are several different types of personal injury claims. Each of these claims is categorised according to the nature of the injury and the place where it occurred. These factors play a key role in determining the party that is liable to pay the compensation and how much compensation they are liable to pay.

Some of the common types of personal injuries include:

  1. Injuries that occur in a public place

Public places are expected to be maintained and repaired regularly. The local authority is usually in charge of the parks, pavements and roads of the area. It is their responsibility to ensure that due repairs are carried out and that all public places areas are safe for people to use.

If an injury occurs because something is broken or some facilities are not working properly, it may be grounds for a personal injury compensation claim.

  1. Injury in the workplace

All offices are expected to have procedures in place so employees have a safe environment to work in. If the employer has not taken the reasonable care that is expected of them and if an employee gets injured as a result of negligence, they may be liable to pay compensation under the personal injury law.

  1. Injuries in a factory or a construction site

Heights, heavy-duty machinery, toxic materials and the kind of work involved in construction sites and factories make these high risk work environments. With that in mind, all workers who are employed in factories and construction sites must be highly skilled at their jobs and also have an intrinsic understanding of all the safety measures that need to taken in the workplace.

Employers must also have stringent safety checks and provide as safe an environment as possible. If an employee suffers from an injury and if it has been caused due to the lack of care taken by the employer, the injured worker may be entitled to file a claim for personal injury.

  1. An injury resulting from a road traffic accident

Anyone operating a vehicle on the road is expected to take due care so that they do not endanger pedestrians and other road users. Rash driving or any other kind of negligence on the road that results in another person getting injured, merits a road accident claim for compensation.

  1. Getting injured in a shop or hotel

Shop and hotel owners who hope to bring customers into their premises are expected to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of anybody who enters their establishment. If a shop customer or a hotel guest slips and falls because of a wet floor or gets hurt due to an uneven surface on the premises, they may be entitled to file a suit and ask for compensation.

  1. Brain Injuries

Any type of brain injury will usually be considered as a special kind of personal injury claim. Whether it is an accident on the road or a work related injury, if there is any damage to the brain, the person can bring about this special claim for personal injury.

Why Claims Are Made

The personal injury law has been framed in order to ensure that all people maintain a certain standard of care and diligence in all settings, so that no harm is caused to another person. If their conduct, in some way, does affect the other party, the injured party has the right to seek some kind of financial compensation for their pain and loss.

The compensation has a two-fold effect – firstly, it compensates the party and repays them for any loss that has been cost and secondly, it acts as a deterrent and reminder to the person causing the injury so that they are extra careful in the future.

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