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      Rhinoplasty Compensation Claims

      You may be entitled to rhinoplasty compensation if you have received injuries as a consequence of negligence during a rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure.

      What Is A Rhinoplasty Procedure?

      While rhinoplasty is often grouped under the description of “plastic surgery” and seen as a cosmetic enhancement this is not always the case. There are occasions where the procedure is required to open blocked nasal passages and enhance breathing. However, whether the procedure is done for purely cosmetic reasons or a medical necessity, the process is the same.

      Rhinoplasty Compensation Claim

      The rhinoplasty procedure is based around the permanent enhancement of nasal contours by reshaping nasal cartilage/ bone. Expert plastic surgeons can significantly enhance the facial features of a patient where perhaps the nose is crooked/ twisted or the nasal passage has collapsed. Looking at the procedure from a medical point of view there is a limit to how much rebuilding of the nose can be carried out without endangering the health of the patient. The use of grafts and implants to significantly change the shape and functionality of the nasal region are now much more sophisticated than they used to be. In terms of cosmetic surgery it is fair to say that rhinoplasty is one of the more challenging and one of the more specialist fields. However, this does not exempt rhinoplasty surgeons from valid rhinoplasty compensation claims where negligence can be proven.

      Common Rhinoplasty Compensation Claims

      All medical professionals carrying out any form of rhinoplasty surgery have to be qualified and have a legal duty of care to ensure the safe well-being of their patients. If there has been negligence on the part of the surgeon or their team leading to the patient being injured rhinoplasty compensation may be sought.

      Some of the more common injuries associated with rhinoplasty compensation claims include:

      • Blood clots which can be extremely dangerous if left untreated;
      • Infection due to the fact rhinoplasty is an invasive procedure;
      • Not all rhinoplasty is successful and additional treatment may be required to solve breathing issues;
      • Excessive bruising around the nasal area;
      • Nerve damage, some of which may be short lived while others may be permanent;
      • Where the nose structure is extremely weak and challenging for a rhinoplasty surgeon, unfortunately, in some situations there may be additional damage.

      It is the role of the rhinoplasty surgeon to make sure that all patients are fully aware of the risks associated with this type of procedure. It would be extremely hard to try and sue a rhinoplasty surgeon if the patient does not like the end result unless specific promises have been made and broken. Even in the event of infection and other possible rhinoplasty side-effects, assuming that the surgeon fulfilled their obligations regarding their duty of care it may be difficult to prove negligence in a rhinoplasty compensation claim. However, getting legal advice is the best option to be sure.

      How Much Compensation For Botched Rhinoplasty?

      A botched rhinoplasty procedure can result in long-term pain and facial disfigurement but for many people it is the psychiatric impact which can be most challenging. This can lead to an array of mental health issues which can literally change a person’s life overnight. Although compensation amounts for rhinoplasty may inevitably vary from person to person the general compensation guidelines for injuries that may occur as a result of a botched rhinoplasty are shown below.

      • Relatively minor facial scarring as a consequence of rhinoplasty can attract compensation from £1,600 and £3,310.
      • Significant scarring towards the lower end of the scale, which can often be camouflaged and is not always visible, can lead to compensation from £3,710 and £12,900.
      • Significant scarring where additional plastic surgery may be required, still leaving a potential cosmetic disability, but the scars are still visible from conversation distance tend to attract compensation from £8,550 up to £28,240.
      • Severe scarring towards the lower end of the scale will attract compensation anywhere between £16,860 up to £45,440. In this instance there is likely to be a form of permanent disfigurement as well as psychological challenges.
      • Very severe scarring leading to extreme disfigurement even after corrective plastic surgery attracts the highest rate of compensation from £27,940 up to £91,350. Compensation towards the higher end of the range is generally awarded to those in their younger years.

      The figures above are compensation for general damages and do not account for any special damages, the difference of which are explained here. For a better idea of what rhinoplasty compensation you may actually be due you can take advantage of our free consultation to speak with a solicitor directly.

      Making A Rhinoplasty Compensation Claim

      To make a successful rhinoplasty compensation claim it will need to be shown that negligence was the cause of your injuries. The general measurement of negligence is based on a comparison with expected results from a suitably qualified/ experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. There may also be other issues regarding an unfulfilled duty of care taking in a lack of warnings, unfulfilled promises or even basic health and hygiene issues leading to infection and other complications.

      You will need as much evidence as possible when attempting to prove negligence which may include before and after rhinoplasty photographs, literature from the medical practice, unfulfilled promises, witness statements and evidence of substandard health and hygiene levels. A personal injury solicitor will know what channels to go through to get any required evidence that you might not have.

      Contacting personal injury solicitors that provide free consultations gives you the opportunity to discuss your rhinoplasty claim with an expert. A solicitor can usually very quickly determine how likely a rhinoplasty claim for compensation will be successful and they will advise you whether it is worth proceeding or not. If they advise you to make a claim it will probably be on a No Win No Fee basis. Some solicitors might vary in what they charge so you should always read the agreement carefully but typically No Win No Fee means you pay zero charges if your claim is lost, but if it is won you would pay up to 25% of the rhinoplasty compensation awarded.

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