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Pros And Cons Of Claims Management Companies

During our lifetime many of us will come across occasions where we have a valid personal injury claim although in reality the majority of people will do nothing about it. It can be very difficult to know where to start, the costs involved and your chances of being successful if your case is taken up. This has led to the creation of an array of claims management companies who will take up your personal injury claim and aim to get the best possible deal for you.

Unfortunately the quality of claims management companies up and down the country varies enormously and as a consequence there are an array of pros and cons you should be aware of.

Benefits Of Using A Claims Management Company

In theory there are some benefits to using a claims management company which include:-


A claims management company will likely have an array of contacts in the legal field and be aware of similar personal injury claims and how they have progressed in the past. In effect using the experience of quality claims management companies ensures that you get the best representation and hopefully the best compensation deal for your claim.

It is imperative that you research the experience of any claims management company you decide to go with and ensure that they have experience with your particular type of claim.

Lodging Claims

Even though the Internet has opened up an array of informative channels for those looking at personal injury claims it is still very difficult to know where to start if you decide to pursue a claim without professional assistance. Quality claims management companies should know the exact process of lodging your claim, what paperwork is required and the timetable you need to work to.

In the legal profession it is imperative that all of the paperwork is in place, all of the details are made available and everything is done on time. Unfortunately, as many people will confirm, incomplete claims documentation can have a significant impact upon the end result.

Advice And Assistance

While a claims management company will take on the majority of the paperwork and legal communications regarding your claim, you will likely have questions and queries along the way. Any company worth its reputation will be able to offer you advice and assistance along the way to ensure that you know exactly what is happening and what is expected of you. For many people this type of assistance at the end of the telephone or via email is a godsend and worth its weight in gold. There is nothing worse than lodging a claim, waiting and waiting, and having no idea what is going on. If an initial compensation payment is offered to you, then again, the advice and assistance of your claims management company can help you maximise this situation.

Disadvantages Of Using A Claims Management Company

In any walk of life there are pros and cons surrounding the use of certain services, it is no different with the claims management sector. Some of the disadvantages include:-

Are They Qualified?

Whether a claims management company offers direct legal representation or else sells your case to the highest bidding solicitor they will be regulated to some extent. In a perfect world the best case scenario would be to use a claims management company which has its own legal team and is able to keep your case in-house but with so many CMCs in existence how do you know who they are? If you could find out for certain then this would give them more of a hands-on approach rather than treating their customers as boxes to sell to the highest bidder.

You will need to weigh up the direct cost to you, the experience of the underlying claims management company and whether indeed you feel they are qualified to manage your case.

Hidden Costs

If you approach a claims management company with a viable personal injury claim, and they decide to take on your action, there should be no need for an upfront payment. In theory a claims management company should only take on claims which they believe they have a real chance of winning so as not to waste their time, the time of their contacts or the underlying client.

Unfortunately, it has been noted that some claims management companies are less than selective about the actions they take on their books and have been known to ask clients to pay fees upfront. When you bear in mind that successful personal injury claims can also include an array of legal costs, why should you pay upfront?

Aggressive Marketing Tactics

While aggressive marketing tactics are not a unique element of the claims management sector they do seem to occur on a more regular basis. We have all seen the promises of compensation for an array of different personal injury claims which seem to dissolve on further investigation. It is unfortunate that some claims management companies use these aggressive marketing tactics because it does cast a dark shadow right across the sector – impacting those who work within ethical and corporate boundaries. This is why you need to do as much research as possible when looking to employ the services of a claims management company, checking the small print, additional costs and above all their reputation and experience.

Cut Out The Middleman

Most CMCs are only interested in collecting your details and selling them on to (hopefully) a solicitor trained in personal injury law. The question has to be asked, why use a CMC when you can cut out the middleman all together and find a solicitor that is best suited for your type of injury claim yourself?

The problem with CMCs is that you won’t likely know anything at all about the solicitor you end up with, and whether they are even equipped with the experience and knowledge that’s necessary to get you the best outcome. Finding a good personal injury solicitor isn’t at all difficult, and a great place to start looking is here.


As with any service industry you will experience a variety of quality but if you do your research, stick with reputable firms and know exactly how any relationship is structured there should be no problems, and hopefully new regulations will rid the sector of some of the more disruptive parties.

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