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      Holiday Accident Claims Information

      When you’ve had a holiday accident or sustained an injury of any type while on holiday, it can be difficult to know where to turn next. Even if you are holidaying around at home in the UK, you are still likely to be far from your own home and far removed from your familiar surroundings where you know who to call and where to go for emergency help.

      Unfortunately getting injured can mean you have to cut short your travel plans and return home, but what if the accident was not your fault? Can you make a holiday accident claim for the ruined holiday and all the hardships you went through during that time?

      Yes, you most likely can, and here’s why. If you suffered an accident or illness while on a holiday within the UK and it was not your fault, then you have a straightforward personal injury case and you are entitled to compensation. The amount you are awarded will be dependent upon the exact factors that caused the accident or illness as well as who was responsible for it.

      You may be able to file an accident on holiday at home claim if:

      • You trip or fall due to defective flooring in a holiday accommodation or on a badly maintained path within the hotel premises
      • You contract food poisoning after eating or drinking water in the hotel restaurant, particularly if other guests suffer from the same food poisoning
      • You slip and injure yourself on any type of spillage, leak or broken glass in the hotel or within the hotel grounds
      • You sustain an injury in a road accident while travelling in the holiday coach or on a day trip organised by the hotel or by your tour operator
      • You injure yourself during any sports or leisure activities
      • An accident in the swimming pool that was not your fault

      These are just some of the examples of the kinds of accidents or injuries that you can claim compensation for.

      What You Can Do To Support Your Claim

      As we all know, making a compensation claim is a quite straight-forward process, but making your claim stick isn’t usually quite as straight-forward but understanding the following point can make life a good deal easier.

      Holiday Accident ClaimsMaking a claim for holiday accident compensation isn’t a gamble if you can provide good evidence.

      In order to support any case/claim for damages, the single most important thing you will need to do is to provide proof to support your claim that the accident or injury was in no way your fault and it was due to the negligence of a third party. In the case of an accident on holiday case, you would need to prove that the travel agent or the hotel staff, which is their representative, were responsible for your injury.

      If you intend to make any holiday accident claims, here are a few things you should do:

      • Report the injury, accident or illness to the hotel staff, tour rep or your travel company right at the time of the accident itself.
      • Make a note of the incident in the hotel log book. Take the names and contact details of witnesses if there were any and if possible get photographs taken of the area where the accident took place.
      • Keep receipts of all travelling and prescription expenses you may have incurred, which were directly associated with the accident. You will need these as evidence.
      • If you have had to make a trip to the hospital or seek medical advice from a private doctor, retain all medical records, prescriptions and recommendations that you get from the doctor.

      All of these points will go a long way in supporting your case in court and will allow the court to award you a fair compensation sum to cover all your medical, travel and out of pocket expenses and for the hardship caused as well.

      Travelling around the UK is an opportunity to relax, unwind and take a complete break from the persistent stress and pressures of juggling work and home. Unfortunately, no matter what safety precautions you may take, accidents, injuries and illnesses can and do happen while you are on holiday due to somebody else’s fault.

      If you feel your hotel or holiday company compromised yours and your family’s safety and caused an injury or illness, make sure you contact a good solicitor so you have professional accident claims help and your solicitor can put together a solid holiday accident claims case ready to bring to court.

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