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If you live in or around the Nottingham region of the UK then our experienced Nottingham personal injury solicitors could be instrumental to the success of your personal injury compensation claim.

No matter how clear-cut the circumstances may seem, winning a personal injury claim is rarely straightforward. Not only do you have to prove that the accident was not your fault but you also have to provide sufficient evidence that the injury was caused by a third person’s negligence or wrongful action. In doing so, you can be sure that the defendant’s insurance company will use all of their legal knowledge and resources to oppose your claim and prove that the fault was not theirs. The only realistic way to get the upper hand is to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the different legal clauses that you can use to support your claim.

Unless you have some experience in this area, you could overlook a crucial clause that could result in you losing your claim for compensation. This is where our skilled personal injury solicitors in Nottingham can make the difference.

Advantages Of Using a Nottingham Personal Injury Solicitors

Our Nottingham based injury solicitors have countless hours of experience pursuing compensation claims for all kinds of personal injury cases and it is this experience that can tip the scales in your favour. We know which laws to leverage in order to ensure that you get the highest compensation possible.

Nottingham Personal Injury SolicitorsWe work quickly and efficiently to put together a strong case for you within the three year statutory time limit. With us fighting on your behalf, you have one thing less to worry about and can instead focus on healing and attending to your other personal and professional commitments.

Our solicitors offer a free first consultation where we will assess the circumstances of the accident and determine whether or not you have a strong case that is worth pursuing. If we feel that the circumstances are not in your favour, we may advise against filing a compensation claim. If we decide that the circumstances are in your favour, we will do whatever is necessary to help you pursue your accident claim.

You do not have to pay any upfront fees and neither do you have to pay any money at any point during the entire proceedings. Our personal injury solicitors from Nottingham will take up your case on a ‘Conditional Fee’ basis. A Conditional Fee agreement (read more here) states that you are only liable to pay a fee on condition that we win the case for you. The fee is usually a set percentage of the total amount of compensation that is paid to you. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

We have earned a formidable reputation in fighting personal injury compensation claims for our clients in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, as well as other cities in the UK.

We Have Experience Handling A Wide Variety Of Injury Claims Including But Not Limited To…

  • Medical negligence
  • Bicycle and motorcycle accidents
  • Car and heavy vehicle accidents
  • Faulty product claims
  • Accidents in the workplace or at a building site
  • Slips, trips or falls on the pavement or in a shopping mall
  • Faulty cosmetic or laser surgery
  • Accidents while on holiday within the UK or abroad
  • Scaffolding accidents

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