Public Place Accident

Public spaces are susceptible to heavy traffic, and this is often a precursor to an accident happening. Depending on what kind of ‘space’ is being discussed can ultimately impact on who has responsibility for the accident. Essentially any premises that are erected and will allow the general public to make use of them will generally Read More

Pavement claims are a fairly common occurrence and if while walking on street pavements and you trip and fall, you might  sustain injuries. If your pavement fall was due to a poorly maintained pavement, uneven or with large gaps or maybe a tarmac pavement with deep potholes, then you may have a right to make Read More

slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls accidents can take place at anytime and anywhere. You may be at work, in your home or out shopping. Accident compensation plans now offer a compensation claim that focuses on the issues of public safety and health. In this example, we shall give reference to slipping whilst out shopping. Shopping precincts Read More

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