Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and progressive condition that happens due to the median nerve in the wrist becoming compressed. The nerve runs from the forearm to your hand via a small space in the wrist that is known as the carpal tunnel. The median nerve is the main nerve that controls the feeling Read More

Court Header

Over the last 1,000 years we have seen a slow but steady legal evolution of judiciary systems culminating in what they are today, while these systems are predominantly used to handle business and personal disputes, occasionally some people go a little out of the box. Inspired by Stella Liebeck’s case in 1992, the Stella awards Read More

Sports Physio

Sports injuries include a wide range of injuries that occur while participating in any type of sporting activity. Injuries that occur while exercising also come under sports injuries. Sports injuries occur due to various reasons. Failing to warm up, lack of conditioning or over-training may result in sprains, strains and pulled muscles. Bruises, broken bones Read More

Repetitive Motion Injury

We usually think of workplace injuries as one-time injuries - a broken limb caused by a slip and fall, a severed extremity caused by some equipment malfunction or a head injury caused by something falling from a height. While these are common workplace injuries that are immediately obvious, repetitive motion injuries can take months and Read More

Cycling Safety

Cycling to work offers several benefits over driving to work. Not only is it healthier but it is also more practical, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. However, in recent times, the massive increase in traffic in cities such as London has given rise to several safety issues and an increase in the incidence of cycling-related Read More

Construction Site Workers

The construction or building industry is notoriously dangerous. Heights, heavy machinery and other hazardous obstacles present unique risks that are not seen in most other workplaces. While some of the hazards are obvious and easy to spot, others are less so. Familiarising yourself with common construction injuries can help you take proper precautionary measures and Read More

Dangerous Places To Work

Accidents are accidents for a reason, no one can predict or completely prevent them from happening, but generally health and safety has seen a massive improvement over the last couple of decades. There are however still thousands of people in Britain who suffer from illness and workplace injuries ranging from paper cuts to life changing Read More


The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is a national charity that is dedicated to helping individuals who are affected by spinal cord injury. The mission of the organisation is to educate, advise and support all those whose lives are affected by spinal cord injury, which includes sufferers as well as their families. Spinal cord injury can Read More

Wrist Xray

The scaphoid is one of the smaller bones that form a part of the wrist. It is located just under the thumb. A scaphoid fracture occurs most commonly when you fall on your outstretched hand. Pain and swelling around the wrist are typical symptoms of a scaphoid fracture. However, because of the complex anatomy of Read More

Countries To Work In

People often look at many different aspects when it comes to work. Some value money above all else, while others are more content with company benefits and location. Ultimately choosing where in the world you want to work can be a hard decision, especially if it involves moving abroad and relocating. So, we thought it Read More