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Accidents are often beyond our control and can happen at any point. You expect that when one occurs there is a system in place in your country to help you, but is this the same in every place around the world, and if not, what are the differences between the nations? For instance, the United Read More

Accident Fraud

Last week a video emerged of a lady driving down an urban road with a clear view ahead of her. All of a sudden, as she began to break for the junction, a moped rider appeared from nowhere, placed himself static in the middle of the road and waited for the lady to pull up Read More

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Is your job killing you? Contrary to popular belief, police work and fire-fighting are not the most dangerous jobs. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, seven times more construction trade workers lose their lives than law enforcement workers. Rather than burning buildings or dangerous armed criminals, the most common causes of fatal Read More

Motorbike Rider

Summer is the ideal time to get your motorbike out of the garage. Thoughts of opening up the throttle on the wide open roads and gorgeous weather with no ice, slush or rain to deal with are tempting for motorbike enthusiasts across the country. The only thing spoiling this perfect picture is the safety issue Read More

Kids Playground

During the summer months, neighbourhood playgrounds become a hub of activity for younger children. After months of staying indoors, either at home or at the day care center, parents look forward to letting their little ones spend time outdoors. Playgrounds are usually top of the list for several reasons. They are generally safe. The equipment Read More

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas that is produced when an item with high carbon content is combusted. This gas is also present in the fumes generated by heaters, car engines, car mufflers, fireplaces, water heaters, charcoal grills and portable generators. Experts suggest that almost everybody is exposed to trace amounts Read More

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and progressive condition that happens due to the median nerve in the wrist becoming compressed. The nerve runs from the forearm to your hand via a small space in the wrist that is known as the carpal tunnel. The median nerve is the main nerve that controls the feeling Read More

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Over the last 1,000 years we have seen a slow but steady legal evolution of judiciary systems culminating in what they are today, while these systems are predominantly used to handle business and personal disputes, occasionally some people go a little out of the box. Inspired by Stella Liebeck’s case in 1992, the Stella awards Read More

Sports Physio

Sports injuries include a wide range of injuries that occur while participating in any type of sporting activity. Injuries that occur while exercising also come under sports injuries. Sports injuries occur due to various reasons. Failing to warm up, lack of conditioning or over-training may result in sprains, strains and pulled muscles. Bruises, broken bones Read More

Repetitive Motion Injury

We usually think of workplace injuries as one-time injuries - a broken limb caused by a slip and fall, a severed extremity caused by some equipment malfunction or a head injury caused by something falling from a height. While these are common workplace injuries that are immediately obvious, repetitive motion injuries can take months and Read More